Pryma headphones in Pure Black and Rose Gold from Totally Wired


In a world awash with headphones where do you find ones that will really bring music alive for you? Well, right here. We have two suggestions, Stax and Pryma each unique in their own way, both of audiophile quality.

Stax SRS 5100 Headphone system at Totally Wired
Stax SRS 5100 electrostatic headphone system

Stax has been at the top of John’s most recommended headphones ever since he began his involvement in HiFi. There are some names in the audio world which are not necessarily where you may start but there’s a good chance its where you will end. Stax is one. They are a legend in the specialist audio world with design that is solely for achieving perfection in audio quality. Music through a pair of Stax headphones has that spine-tingling effect found only in components where quality of sound is the key objective. Yet, they are also described by many as the most comfortable headphones to be found.

Pryma headphones in Pure Black from Totally Wired
Pryma headphones in Pure Black

The Pryma headphones balance sound quality with today’s lifestyle. They are headphones for on-the-move lives. So beautifully designed and built by Sonus faber – makers of some of the most stunning loudspeakers int he world, they engender the happy feeling of owning an item of sophistication. These socially friendly headphones are closed back to minimise sound leakage, are strongly made to endure travel and optimised for listening from mobile devices. We’ve found no other headphones that have these qualities with the level of audio production that the Prymas produce. They make music sound truly captivating – wherever you are.

When you experience real headphone listening your view on what sound quality is can be transformed. It is auditory sensuality, hypnotic in its effect, suspending moments in time.

This is our invitation to you. Choose from the Stax range or a divine pair of Pryma’s.

Suspend reality with musical headphones from Totally Wired
Suspend reality with a pair of headphones


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