Pryma headphone by Sonus faber from Totally Wired

Pryma Headphones

When you leave the house, take your music with you. The exquisite Pryma headphones are sophisticated listening devices for music on the go. Divined by Sonus faber these headphones are seductive both in sound and style. On special nz$795normally $999 – you’ll save $200.

Connect to your smartphone or other mobile device, and where-ever you are, enjoy extraordinary sound quality, comfort and style.

Pryma headphones in Pure Black from Totally Wired
Pryma headphones in Pure Black
  • Circum aural, closed type
  • Detachable earpads
  • Interchangeable headband
  • 1.3 M long cable
  • 3.5 input plug
  • Weight: 355 grams
  • Functional cord with microphone for sound adjustment & accessibility
  • Lustrous ‘Pure Black’finish


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Make someone happy by treating them to a special Pryma gift. You’ll not only enjoy a significant saving but will receive a delightful, gift wrapped package with extra World Wide Fund for Nature soft toy. Exclusive to Totally Wired customers. 

Meticulously Handmade in Italy

Recognising that headphones are a very personal possession Sonus faber developed a bespoke design with Pryma. One that also gives you a choice in finish to reflect your personal taste. The Pryma is without argument headphones of unique style. Every aspect, every detail, is completely deliberate and with purpose. The sophisticated style will maintain it’s beauty due to the high standards that Sonus faber have set for these headphones. The strap is made from high quality Italian leather, the outside headshell has a print proof coating and other detail made from lustrous copper or stainless steel. Whilst the build quality is exemplary, long term headphone owners will still appreciate the modular design so any part can easily be replaced from the detachable cable to the earpads.

Genuine Comfort and Ease of Use

Thought has gone into the Prymas. So thoughtfully, you could almost forget you’re wearing these lightweight headphones. You’ll find the leather headband is easily adjusted via the clever and stylish buckle design while the inside of the strap lined with breathable micro fibre helps you keep a ‘cool head’. The irregular pentagonal shape of the cushions fits closely and comfortably to your ears. Using aluminium for the outer shell keeps the weight down.

High Fashion Meets High Audio

Pryma headphone
Pryma headphones are made with detachable components for easy replacement of parts

The design and materials used result in headphones that both look and feel substantial. You’ll note how narrow the earpieces are. This not only contributes to the sophisticated styling but also helps the sound you hear by having little space between the high quality driver and the ear pads. A side benefit to the way the individual components come apart is the headphones can be packed down should you need to transport them.

  • Connection cables made of 99.99% oxygen-free Copper for a minimised distortion and an exalted dynamicity of sound output.
  • Cables connectors soldered with pure tin alloys for uninterrupted flow of sound.
  • Conductors ‘HGP gilding’ for a sound output constant in time and maximum conductive capacity.

Doug Schneider of SoundStage described the sound as akin to Sonus faber’s highly musical Olympica speakers.

And from HiFi Headphones: “What makes the Pryma unique for me is it’s the first triple-A-plus headphone that I’ve had, i.e. the packaging, the design and build quality, and the sound are all as good as it gets.”

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It seems that everyone wants these headphones and for good reason. As with all Sonus faber audio the sound performance, the build quality and covetous styling exceeds what you would expect from the price. There’s not only pride of ownership but a lasting enjoyment of music – that intangible that money can’t buy. Headphone listening is quite different to hearing music through speakers. On good headphones there is an all encompassing involvement that brings your personal connection to the music especially close. The Sonus faber ‘Pryma’ headphones are here now for you at Totally Wired.

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