CD sale

CD Sale

CDS for sale. Hifi technology evolves to bring us new and better ways of listening to music, but our collections of music remain precious. There was a time when Totally Wired Ltd lived in the Terrace Houses in Stuart Street, Dunedin and had a large Compact Disc collection. Much of which was purged when we moved the business to home base in Waitati. It’s time for us to go ‘Kondo’ with what’s left of the Totally Wired CDs now ready for you to buy.

This selection of classical, jazz, vocals and classical guitar all come from specialist companies so are very high quality recordings. We sold CDs from companies like Linn (and in the case of Linn vinyl as well), and Chesky. Even back then these discs retailed at c$40 reflecting how good they were. Also here are CDs from labels – IsoMike (which Ray Kimber of Kimber Kables is associated with), Talarc and John Marks Recordings.

Price: $10 each (+$5 postage, unless collected)

E-mail us – – with your order, delivery details or pick-up time and we’ll reply with confirmation and bank account so you can make your payment by bank transfer.

Happy listening! 😀

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