Monitor Audio

The British loudspeaker designing and building company Monitor Audio may have been around for the best part of 4 decades, yet in the last few years I’ve watched (and heard) them re-invent themselves to become one of the most progressive and focused providers.  

Today’s Monitor Audio line-up is the strongest of any global loudspeaker designer – the high performance earns a multitude of highly favorable reviews and there are models specifically intended for many different applications over a wide range of budgets.

But at the heart of it all, they fulfill the promise of great sound and value. While we don’t have every model in every finish, we do make a point of having a good selection of the most popular and to our ears, best sounding models from the entry level Bronze range right through to flagship Platinum level – and this includes their latest high performance built in models for new homes and renovations.

The Monitor Audio website is a fantastic resource covering the entire range so there is no need to replicate this – instead, scroll down through some recent in-depth articles we’ve written on some of our favorite models.

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World first review – the Monitor Audio Studio


The Monitor Audio Studio has recalibrated my expectation of how a compact speaker can perform – the resolution levels and clarity are the best I’ve heard and lay bare everything that is happening in the system. The integration between the metal cone bass/mid drivers and ribbon tweeter is seamless. The speed, control and pace are exemplary.

At their best in an almost near field situation fitted to their dedicated stands, with a wide spread and carefully adjusted toe in, the Studio’s project a holographic soundstage with uncanny accuracy and precision.

The performance delivered from the mid bass upwards is at the very least equal to that of Monitor Audio’s flagship PL-500-II from which the Studio is derived but this much more compact and affordable model is by far a better choice for smaller rooms and doesn’t require anything like the same investment in front end electronics to sing. The Studio is an insight into the values of Monitor Audio’s design team – read the full review.

Monitor Audio Silver 6G 300s.

Monitor Audio Silver 300 floorstanding speakers in walnut at Totally Wired
Monitor Audio Silver 300 in walnut

We all like pleasant surprises – to have not just expectations met but to find that we’ve been treated to something really special. And it is the nature of such events that you often don’t see them coming.

While we have seen quite a radical shift in how we listen to music, especially with digital sources, the basics of loudspeaker design have appeared (from my viewpoint) to have moved at a glacial pace and if anything gone backwards with the popularity of smaller bluetooth speaker systems. This isn’t to say that they don’t do a remarkable job given the low cost, but there is a clear difference between sounding less compromised than expected and actually being stop-you-in-your-tracks brilliant.

The Silver series models are very much at the heart of the Monitor Audio range – above the entry level Bronze, more accessible than the Gold and flagship Platinum ranges. All of which have recently been upgraded while the Silver models served as a base to develop from. So the expectations for the new sixth generation of Silvers could be seen as daunting. If improvement is an iterative process, are we looking at a facelift or something more substantial?

We all know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears – given the choice of too hot, too cold and just right. For my first listen to the new Sliver 6G series, rather than consuming every option, I’ve focused on a model in the middle that just seems to make the most sense – the floor standing Silver 300 which come in at NZ$3200 the pair. They are representative of every bit of technology in the range and only give away size to the next model up. Read our full review here.

And while we’re on reviews of the Silvers, here’s one just in from the Absolute Sound.The Monitor Audio Silver 300 is an extremely accomplished product that offers a level of sound quality unexpected at this price. I was especially impressed by the fact that the overall design is so well balanced and complete. The speaker doesn’t excel in just one or two areas, but performs admirably across the board. Some similarly priced mini-monitors may have a lusher midband or silkier treble, but they won’t begin to match the Silver 300 in bass articulation, low-frequency extension, and dynamic contrasts. Moreover, the Silver 300 plays far bigger than its cabinet size, driver complement, and price would suggest, with robust dynamic authority.

The Silver 300 may look like its predecessor, but this latest version has been completely redesigned with new drivers, crossovers, and enclosure. A three-way, four-driver speaker (dual 6″ woofers, 4″ midrange, 1″ tweeter) housed in a cabinet that looks far too nice for this price point, the Silver 300 offers a compelling array of musical virtues. Chief among these are its terrific speed on transients, effortless reproduction of dynamics, and overall sense of musical coherence. Bass is detailed and resolved, providing a clear sense of pitch. These qualities infuse music with a life and vitality that are particularly apparent on rock, pop, and jazz. This is one very well designed loudspeaker, built with an economy of scale that allows this level of performance to be offered at a reasonable price. For its combination of sound quality and value, the Monitor Audio Silver 300 is our first choice for Floorstanding Speaker of the Year.

Read the full review here.

Monitor Audio CP series in wall and celing speaker systems

Monitor Audio built in speaker options.

Are you in the process of planning or building and wanting to have great sound in your new home? Want to find ways to have built in music in your existing home? Or do you want to have a built in system that needs to be fixed or improved?

With so many new home systems we have seen over the years, there are quite simply too many speakers and control is often needlessly complex. The promise of home automation systems was simplicity but the reality is that tying together multiple aspects – music and entertainment, telecoms and IT, climate control, lighting and security gets hopelessly complicated, compromised and costly.

Fewer, but better quality speakers will give you much better sound where you really want it, dramatically reduce installation and cabling costs, and give you a simpler to use system that everyone will enjoy. 

 While any new home or renovation project can be challenging, it need not be as complicated or daunting as many might suggest. The design and installation of a quality music system should be simpler and with over 30 years in the game, we’re here to help you.

Read our guide to the Monitor Audio built in range here.

The New Monitor Audio Gold 200 and Platinum II 200 speakers.

Monitor Audio Gold 200 from Totally Wired

When your entire music collection might reside on a device you can hold in your hand, is there still a place for serious floor standing loudspeakers? It is true that today, we get performance from small speakers that would not have been credited a few years ago. HiFi systems are shrinking and there is an expectation that you can expect more from less.

Yet it is this drive to develop smaller, more efficient and higher technology solutions that enables Monitor Audio to deliver far more in their floor standing models – this is in direct comparison to other designers, their own previous models and the smaller iterations of these new ranges.

We’ve done an in depth comparison of 2 great floor standing models from Monitor Audio – visit our original site to read this.