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Coming soon to Totally Wired – ‘Sonnetto’ the brilliant new Sonus faber range of loudspeakers

Marking Sonus faber’s 35th anniversary, the new Sonetto series delivers everything you could want in a loudspeaker system – fantastic sound and value, beautiful finish combined with thoughtful engineering, and a choice of models allowing you to find the perfect solution for your own home.

We’ll be writing much more once the range arrives in November, but for the moment Sonus faber’s own words are the perfect introduction…


“Sonus faber is born from the idea of a man who loved music and its correct reproduction, but also from a person with a special sensibility about handcrafted wood products and a true reverence for beauty. Sonus faber is not only a loudspeaker manufacturer; it is, first and foremost, a unique way to approach a musical product’s design.” Livio Cucuzza, Sonus faber chief design officer

Sonetto VIII Wood.jpg
The new Sonetto VIII – a full blooded floor stander for serious fun!

Over the course of its 35 year history, Sonus faber has evolved greatly, but the original spirit of the brand remains unchanged. Our goal is and has always been, to draw upon a timeless tradition of Italian culture and craftsmanship and combine it with current technological innovation in order to render creations that immerse the listeners in pure, natural sound, emotionally connecting them to their favourite music.

The new Sonus faber Sonetto collection was born exactly from this consciousness, the consciousness of what we were, what we are and what we want to be.

The collection features eight models: Sonetto VIII, Sonetto V and Sonetto III, the floor-standing loudspeakers, Sonetto II and Sonetto I bookshelf loudspeakers, Sonetto Center II and Sonetto Center I, center channel speaker options, and the versatile Sonetto Wall, an on-wall speaker which can be used as a main stereo, multichannel surround or LCR solution.

A true Sonus faber collection, designed, developed and manufactured at our Headquarters in Vicenza.

All the elements of the new Sonus faber Sonetto collection were born from a natural process in accordance with the brand’s essential values. For this project, the R&D team developed new technologies for enclosure tuning, created new transducers, integrated new materials and refined the production chain.

Sonetto is what I like to call a “democratic” range of loudspeaker systems because it is about aiming to the highest quality in music reproduction within a cost conscious package.” Paolo Tezzon, Sonus faber R&D manager

The new Sonus faber Sonetto line draws upon many iconic elements from speakers further up the Sonus faber range. First, it inherits from the Olympica Collection a top in natural leather, hand- sewn and embellished by the branded Sonus faber logo.
Next, for the first time in this price range, the new collection features the so-called “Voice of Sonus faber”, the iconic configuration of tweeter and midrange that features the DAD (Damped Apex Dome TM) tweeter technology and a midrange complete with our proprietary natural fiber recipe cone, previously only available on Olympica, Homage and Reference collections.

We went through unbelievable efforts in order to provide to the music lover a truly “Made in Italy” line in this price range. It is immediately understandable how such a strong choice instantly provides an overall added value to a product.

The ‘Made in Italy’ tag is not only a source of pride for all of us, but also the guarantee of a meticulous production process, which is reflected in the superb fit, finish and electro-acoustic performance within each pair produced.

Visit the Sonus faber site to learn more.

We’ve already got orders in and will be featuring three key models from the outset.

The Sonetto VIII is the flagship model in the range – a full sized floor standing loudspeaker – everything suggests this will be an absolutely stunning speaker with expansive performance. NZ$12,000 the pair

The Sonetto I is a the classic Sonus faber stand mount speaker – NZ$3000

The Sonetto Wall is perfect for both shelf placement and wall mounting – it’s quite a striking visual design and the perfect foil for our other high performance compact speaker – the Studio from Monitor Audio. They both share a D-Appolito driver layout and aim to bring high performance to the masses but take quite different approaches – NZ$4000 the pair

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