“I got it (Well Tempered Amadeus turntable), and up and running. The result. Just beautiful. You were right about the TLC cartridge on this table. It is a great combo.”

Simplex2 turntable by Well Tempered at Totally WiredTom

“Product (NuPrime uDSD) is really good, can’t wait to try it with proper headphones. I’m surprised how good it looks and sounds at that price!”

“Just wanted to say how nice the sound is that comes from the device. (Tivoli Model One) So simple looking, just wonderful. Thank you.”

“I have had a very enjoyable year with the Sonus faber Cremona Ms I bought from you. They are truly superb.”

“I congratulate Keith (Eichmann. He is the more talented  designer that I have known. He is a true genius,or better said a cable’s wizard ! I like communicate with you. I feel you so far by distance but so near  by music. Thank you.”

“Totally Wired gave awesome service and expert advice getting the audio gear I needed. When I needed support they were with me all the way. I thoroughly recommend Totally Wired to anyone looking for quality audio equipment.”

“Just a quick e-mail to say thanks and how impressed with the Cambridge CXU from the CD reproduction side. Bright sounding with good depth picking up a lot more off our CDs  – a re-welcome to our whole new CD collection. Very impressed.

“I thought you’d like to know I’m now a fully committed member of the Sonus Faber fan club. Everything you said they were: detailed, expressive, responsive, sensitive. I appreciate your always detailed responses and fulsome information about options. It’s all been very successful.”

“They make a huge difference, the Eichmann cables are showing their worth. I’m quite convinced that what I now have are making an amazing difference to the system in terms of clarity, distinction between instruments, complexity of tonal quality, particularly in the areas of mid-harmony and support parts,

“I think the NuPrime ST-10 does everything as claimed, and in combination with the DAC-10 it’s obviously a formidable component.  Everything the DAC-10 began — extended soundstage, extended and enriched bass, more contoured and detailed sound — is simply augmented and consolidated. This power amp exercises an authority