Analogue music system at Totally Wired


Analogue is more than vinyl. It’s music with warmth and realism. If you want to rediscover records, or invigorate an existing turntable based system we have some great analogue options for you. There are no sampling limits in analogue. You have the ability to make continual improvements to any analogue system, revealing more music with ever greater fidelity.

Enjoy great sounding record players from Well Tempered Labs and Consonance ‘Wax Engine.’ Match these with phono cartridges from Dynavector and Nagaoka, phono stages from Well Tempered, Dynavector, and Cambridge Audio.

Revel in the awesome new amplifiers from NuPrime.  Match with the beauty of handmade Sonus faber loud speaker systems from Italy or state-of-the-art Monitor Audio speakers. And tie it all together with the revolutionary  cables from KLEI for pure analogue goodness.

You can get better sound out of records than has ever been possible before and if you compare digital with a new vinyl pressing the record always sounds better.

Our primary source of music at home has always been a turntable. It’s not that we don’t like digital, it’s just that we have a very big record collection and are still buying new vinyl records. We know a whole lot about record player set up and what sounds good because it’s what we enjoy.

When you start to investigate a new record playing system today you’ll quickly find that you are spoilt for choice. We have listened to and sold many turntables over the years. What makes a system sound good comes down to some very simple principles – the quality of design being most important. A record player is inherently simple – it just has to go around at a constant speed, and allow the stylus to do its job in terms extracting information from the groove of the record. The art is in actually achieving this to the standards we expect.

The cool thing about analogue is that there is an infinite amount of information on a LP record. The better the record playing system, the more you’ll hear.

Or, if headphone listening is you take your pleasure in specialist headphones.

The Dynavector Karat DV17DX moving coil cartridge at Totally Wired

The Dynavector Karat DV17DX moving coil cartridge.

The new Dynavector DV 17DX is unique in both the Dynavector range and the greater world of moving coil cartridges. The visceral impact of the new Dynavector DV17DX is like nothing else I’ve heard – and this is in a year where revelatory components seem to be coming our way every few months. Out of all the cartridges that I could have selected, the Dynavector is my personal choice and one that I think you’d really enjoy. Read on and find out why.

Dynavector P75MK4 Phono stage

Dynavector P75MK4

Well Tempered Simplex 2

Well Tempered Simplex 2 Turntable – complete with tone arm & power supply. The Well Tempered Simplex makes records sound better than new – no matter how well you think you know a recording, we guarantee the Simplex will reveal layers you have never heard before. “The sound is smoother and more relaxed. Subtle detail is improved and the background is even quieter. Articulate is the word that springs to mind.” With over 30 years of specialist analogue experience and turntable setup we’re uniquely placed to help you.

Dynavector DV 17DX, Well Tempered Versalex, P75mk4 phono stage, KLEI cables at Totall Wired

Dynavector Moving Coil cartridges and Phono stages

Vinyl records can still sound fantastic and we’ll show you through the best value models in the Dynavector range and take the mystery out of buying a new cartridge for your turntable. If you still enjoy playing records, a new Dynavector Moving Coil Cartridge may well be the greatest improvement you ever make to your system. The trick is to work out which model best suits you. With over 30 years of specialist analogue experience and turntable setup we’re uniquely placed to help you. For existing Dynavector owners we offer worthwhile trade in and re-tipping options.

Nagaoka cartridges

Nagaoka cartridges, styli & accessories

We still love records and anything that helps them sound better has got to be a good thing. There are very few cartridges that we haven’t listened to or set up, yet the Nagaoka models stand out as not just great value, but something special that offers a real generosity of sound and performance in all the aspects we see as being intrinsically analogue. Read all about the wonderful little Nagaoka moving magnet phono cartridges. 

Pryma headphones in Pure Black and Rose Gold from Totally Wired


In a world awash with headphones where do you find ones that will really bring music alive for you? Well, right here. We have two suggestions, Stax and Pryma each unique in their own way, both of audiophile quality.