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Wouldn’t you love a new system that was completely modern, highly capable, great sounding and easily affordable. Yes – you can have it all. We’re all about simple and effective solutions for your audio needs. As our lovely customer Eva says, “Its not about spending crazy amounts to get beautiful sound, it’s about knowing what to get.”It’s also about giving you choice – this doesn’t have to mean a bewildering array of options. Rather, a clear set of alternatives that will fill a varied range of requirements balancing sound quality, features and cost.

When we say ‘value’ we mean satisfying sound for everyone. For you it could a stand alone Tivoli radio, a Vifa bluetooth player;  a pair of Monitor Audio speakers. You may simply wish to add bluetooth access to your already capable system in which case the ifi Zen Blue is the answer.  Whatever the case it will come from a trusted audio manufacturer and look as good as it sounds, and it will last you years.

For separate component systems Kimber Kable is ideal for bringing it to life.

Choosing your compact system – Bluetooth speakers & Radios

We have two great options: Tivoli Audio or Vifa. Both have that special ‘magic appeal’ in being complete packages that you will adore. Each produce hifi quality sound and are designed to look good in your home. You may prefer one look over the other, and some of the models have different functionality.  The main difference is that the Tivolis have broadcast radio so if that is your priority look no further. If not, and Bluetooth and Wifi is your thing the Vifas will be more you.

Tivoli Audio Model One radio in cherry silver from Totally WiredWelcome to audio discovery

Our years of training and experience are here for you. Every day we deal with a wealth of components and systems from the world’s best designers and manufacturers, so we’re uniquely qualified to help. Quality is everything to us; it dictates every choice we make from the simplest component to the most complex system. So whatever level you feel comfortable with, you’re assured of the highest performance, best value and longest possible life. We offer you a unique proposition with independence, experience plus a proven reputation for delivery. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

As a respected, independent store we have the pick of the very best from anywhere in the world. With Totally Wired you can explore the world of possibilities; entry level systems to purist high fidelity components, high definition video combined with home cinema. All individually designed with a quality over quantity ethos. We introduce people to aspects of their home life they may not have considered or imagined, and set up a world of escapism. It’s about really enjoying the music, being absorbed by the movie; falling in love with the style of the component, and finding your happy place:-)

Tivoli Model One BT radio at Totally Wired

The Essential Tivoli Radio

Welcome to the world of Tivoli Audio from Totally Wired. The most loved radio in New Zealand. On this page you’ll find easy ordering information, the range of Tivoli products, connect to our online shop and everything else there is to know about these great little radios. Table, portable, alarm clock radios & Bluetooth players. Original design by Henry Kloss, made by Tivoli Audio.

Kimber Kable

Kimber is where you start for cable if you want to have great sound at home. With the high standards set by modern audio components you’ll gain far greater benefit from better cables than was ever possible in the past, making your music that much more enjoyable.

Vifa wireless speaker systems

Discover these divine, absolutely gorgeous looking, new bluetooth speakers. Vifa from Denmark make portable, wireless speakers with built-in environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries and innovative engineering for uncompromised sound. Compact units and wifi multi-room options. Everything about the design is seductive, made for long life and the best possible sound. Our analysis will tell you more…

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