Find here speakers with heart and soul, with sound that will move you and make your skin tingle. Speakers that will bring your home alive with music. Whether you aspire to the esoteric, have to opt for affordable, need large, small or built-in we have the right speaker for you.

Monitor Audio and Sonus faber speakers at Totally Wired

Our two chosen loudspeaker designers/manufacturers Sonus faber from Italy and Monitor Audio from England are both highly respected specialist companies. Stax Ear Speakers are long-time favourites.They all carry a large and varied range, and are continuously developing out from a strong heritage base. In short these  companies are at the cutting edge of loudspeaker design making them world leaders in home audio.

These companies take different approaches to their design process. They are equally as good but bear slightly different flavours. With our expertise we can guide you to the model that is ideal for you – suited your electronics, style taste and expectations.

Over the years we have had our favourite brands spending hours listening and comparing, moving on as new technology develops and different companies build on their strengths. If Sonus faber, Monitor Audio or Stax are names unknown to you that is because their money goes back into research and high quality production, rather than shameless marketing budgets. We invite you to learn more about the remarkable loudspeakers they make.

Sonus faber

Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio have earned a multitude of highly favorable reviews and there are models specifically intended for many different applications over a wide range of budgets, including built-in models. At the heart of it all, they fulfill the promise of great sound and value, from the entry level right through to their latest high performance models.