KLEI Cables

Every system requires connections of some sort – cables, plugs and more. And the quality of each and every one of these connections has a direct bearing on the performance and long term reliability of the system. Even if you felt the change of a single plug might make a negligible difference (and there are many who think this only to be surprised by the impact of such a small change), you would have to agree, that many small improvements can add up to make a compelling a satisfying improvement when looking in the context of a complete system.

And so we regard the selection of the appropriate cables and connectors to be as an important an aspect, as the choices made in terms of individual components. If fact – we can show you that the differences we can make in this area can be at least as great and often more cost effective than actual component changes.

KLEI interconnects from Totally Wired

The new KLEI cable range from Keith Eichmann

“From the first few notes, we just looked at each other, with a look of surprise on our faces. Detail, speed, ambience and a total sense of space, around each individual instrument and voice. Notes that used to just end abruptly, now have an ambient trail of decay, as if you can sense the size of the room the instrument was recorded in. There’s detail we just couldn’t hear previously. I could go on with superlatives, but to say the KLEI cables are quite remarkable, is nothing short of fact.”

KLEI gZero Interconnects

Making your music sound much better – the innovative new audio cables and plugs from Keith Louis Eichmann.

We know from our own experience that the new KLEI cables easily better the finest cables we have previously listened to and sold. That they do it at completely fair and affordable prices makes the choice very, very simple.

Choose from all 7 models of analogue and digital interconnect in stock now. Also talk to us about speaker cable options and the new KLEI Purity Range

KLEI PURITY Analogue Interconnects and speaker cables

Making your music sound much better – the flagship PURITY range of cables from Keith Louis Eichmann.

Just 18 months ago we did a comprehensive review of what was the best analogue interconnect cable we’d heard – the KLEI gZero20. The conclusion we came to still bears repeating – Not only are they highly likely to be the greatest improvement you’ll make for the amount spent but you’ll also gain more from all the other parts of your system.

KLEI Speaker cables

Virtually every other cable employs exactly the same conductors and configuration for the positive and negative parts of the design. The KLEI cable is fundamentally different in this regard with not just differing materials but also a visibly different architecture on the better models.

KLEI gPower2 AC cable

Instant Lucidity

All about the new KLEI gPower2 AC cable designed by Keith Eichmann

If you make only one improvement to your music system this year, the new AC cable from KLEI (Keith Loius Eichmann Innovations) should be it.

Let’s get straight to the point – this cable will dramatically improve the performance of almost every system – and given it is just NZ$500 for 1m, I know of no other way to do so much for so little – this is regardless of the type or cost of system. In short, if you have any audio component with a standard size detachable power cable, the new KLEI AC cable is for you.

KLEI Harmony Plugs

Harmony – the new standard in audio connections from KLEI.

Keith Louis Eichmann re-invented the ubiquitous RCA plug 15 years ago with his little Bullet Plug. Outside of the pure silver version that quickly followed, it’s never been improved upon – copied, imitated and even forged, but never bettered. Until now.

We could ask, what took you so long? It’s not easy to improve on something that seems so blindingly simple and elegant, so if you want real improvement, then it’s going to take some serious thought and if you are the one that designed the original, the ability to stand back and look critically at what you have done and how it can be refined in meaningful ways.

The KLEI Purity AC mains cable 

Seldom does a single product, let alone a 1 metre long power cable make you ask fundamental questions about what you do and why.

While I intentionally limit my writing to talking about a specific product or model that I’d like to think of is interest to you, we are all affected by what happens in the wider world and this will inevitably feed in to how we look at our choices.

I’ll admit to having a strong aversion to the metastatic capitalism that is consuming the world. Money and shallow celebrity dominate, inequality is taken to extremes and short term, self-centred thinking trumps the greater good and environment.