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KLEI Cables

Making your music sound much better – the innovative new audio cables and plugs from KLEI made by Keith Louis Eichmann. The range includes interconnects, speaker cable, AC power cables, jumper cables and plugs.
We know from our own experience that the new KLEI cables easily better the finest cables we have previously listened to and sold…”to say the KLEI cables are quite remarkable, is nothing short of fact.”

Every system requires connections of some sort – cables, plugs and more. And the quality of each and every one of these connections has a direct bearing on the performance and long term reliability of the system. Even if you felt the change of a single plug might make a negligible difference (and there are many who think this only to be surprised by the impact of such a small change), you would have to agree, that many small improvements can add up to make a compelling a satisfying improvement when looking in the context of a complete system.

And so we regard the selection of the appropriate cables and connectors to be as an important an aspect, as the choices made in terms of individual components. If fact – we can show you that the differences we can make in this area can be at least as great and often more cost effective than actual component changes.

“From the first few notes, we just looked at each other, with a look of surprise on our faces. Detail, speed, ambience and a total sense of space, around each individual instrument and voice. Notes that used to just end abruptly, now have an ambient trail of decay, as if you can sense the size of the room the instrument was recorded in. There’s detail we just couldn’t hear previously. I could go on with superlatives, but to say the KLEI cables are quite remarkable, is nothing short of fact.” Leighton & Pauline

KLEI QFlow7 bi-wire jumper cables at Totally Wired

KLEI QFlow7 bi-wire jumper cables & new Classic Harmony Banana plugs

Lift the sound of your audio speakers by inserting the KLEI Binding Post Jumpers and Classic Harmony Banana plugs for speaker cable. Think of them as a speaker upgrade and you can’t go wrong – these are simply two of the very best value improvements possible – “amazing clarity and dexterity.” Read our review to find out more…

Purity range of audio cable by KLEI at Totally Wired

KLEI PURITY Analogue Interconnects and speaker cables

Making your music sound demonstrably better with the flagship PURITY range of cables from Keith Louis Eichmann. This new range of 3 Interconnects, an AC power cable and a speaker cable, is quite remarkable. The performance of these new cables need to be heard as PURITY is an apt description if ever there were one for a both the cable – and the sound.

KLEI Purity ac cable at Totally Wired

KLEI Purity AC mains cable 

Read our review of the KLEI Purity AC mains cable along with customer feedback. In home audio systems it’s clear that as a value for money case, this single power cable is directly comparable to, and often better than changing components. This cable takes us closer to the live experiences that we want to recreate.

KLEI gZero1 interconnects at Totally Wired

KLEI gZero Interconnects

All about the innovative, highly musical KLEI gZero analogue and digital audio interconnects with KLEI Harmony plugs – how they work, what you’ll hear and customer reviews. We know from our own experience that the new KLEI cables easily better the finest cables we have previously listened to and sold. That they do it at completely fair and affordable prices makes the choice very, very simple.

KLEI Speaker cable gFlow 7 at Totally Wired

KLEI Speaker cables

The new range of speaker cables effectively replace all previous models. While evolutionary, the changes made to the cables themselves when combined with the PureQ plugs deliver a big improvement, and take all KLEI speaker cables to a level that very few other cables can match regardless of cost. Each set of the KLEI speaker cables is individually hand made and terminated.

KLEI gPower AC cable at Totally Wired

KLEI gPower2 AC cable

This cable will dramatically improve the performance of almost every system. If you have any audio component with a standard size detachable power cable, the new KLEI AC cable is for you. What the KLEI cable does is create a much more transparent performance from every system in which we have tried it – it’s like going from an entry level component to the high end in one remarkable jump. Discover how it works and read customer reviews.

KLEI Harmony plugs at Totally Wired

KLEI Harmony Plugs

The new Harmony RCA plug for home audio by KLEI, designed by Keith Louis Eichmann improves on his original Bullet plug. The vast majority of interconnect cables out there will be greatly improved by the addition of the new Harmony Plugs. If you are aiming to create something special with your interconnects, these will thrill.

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