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IMG_0727The Nuprime X MCX-1 750 watt mono amplifiers redefine the relationship between audio quality and power. While upending many of the assumptions you may hold about what makes a better sounding amplifier.

When we introduced you to the MCX-2 a few months ago, I wondered just how much better could the more powerful mono versions be. The answer is a lot, but in surprising and unexpected ways.

As you can see they are slim and, despite our cat’s best efforts, cool running. And behind the outrageous power rating there are subtleties that make the MCX-1 a unique and compelling option, especially for owners of floor standing speakers. Click here to read our full review of the new MCX-1s.

Sonus faber Sonetto III – a review.sonetto_closeup

‘Some speaker designers strive for a form of accuracy that is the elimination of character. Ruler flat response and control of resonance by engineering. Which can produce technically ideal yet strangely un-involving results. Sonus faber intentionally work with materials and design to enhance their qualities. While you could call this a colouration, the flip side is that it can really bring music to life and this is what Sonetto does.

So you get remarkable projection of the midrange – there are layers peeled back in vocals especially and the sound carries out into the room in a way that every Sonus faber owner will appreciate. The emphasis on the ‘voice’ is paired with an organic softness to the sound.’  Read more.

The WTL Phono Stage.

The new Well Tempered Labs Phono Stage is the product of several lifetimes in high end audio. In both absolute performance and value for money it is quite simply the best phono stage I have heard. This is an assertion that obviously warrants qualification but bear with me and I’ll explain why…

Versalex turntable, Dynavector DV17DX cartridge and The WTL Phono Stage @totallywirednz
Versalex, Dynavector DV17DX and the Phono Stage – analogue dreams made reality

It sets new standards in both value and performance. The unique implementation of RIAA processing provides a new and better interpretation of vinyl record replay which is, paradoxically, most striking when applied to moving magnet systems. In doing so it causes us to question the assumption of placing precedence of the cartridge over the phono stage. On top of this, The WTL Phono Stage also works it’s magic with low output moving coil cartridges, and with an extremely broad range of easy to adjust settings, is compatible and indeed optimal with virtually any phono cartridge and amplifier on the market today. The Well tempered Labs Phono – NZ$2100.

NuPrime-X MCX-2 stereo power amplifier

NuPrime have changed the way we think about amplifiers. What they look like, how they work and even how they sound. The NuPrime-X MCX series are the latest chapter in this story, redefining our expectations of power and how this ties in with sound quality. Massively powerful – they range from 300 to 750 watts per channel  – the MCX power amplifiers are a series of 4 models all built on the same slim design platform.

NuPrime MCX-2 @totallywirednzIn every case the MCX series represents unbeatable value at an introductory price of just NZ$2350 each including GST and delivery. (that’s the US$1295 price plus tax).  The MCX-2, which we review here in depth, is the stereo power amplifier within the range (the others being mono, 3 and 4 channel). There is a great technical story behind this design but for me – and I would also hope you, the sound quality comes first so let’s explore that initially then see how the technical explanation ties in with what you’ll hear.

New Monitor Audio Gold 5G 300 loudspeakers

To introduce Monitor Audio’s new Gold 5G series we look closely at the largest floor stander – the substantial and handsome 300s.Monitor God 5G 300 speakers The Studio – which we reviewed this time last year – introduced real anomaly in the Monitor Audio range. Although less in cost than the Gold series speakers, it drew on Platinum level technology with significantly better components which delivered greater resolution.

The new Golds address this and restore the hierarchy of performance between the ranges – but as you read on you’ll find that it’s far more than this – the magnitude of improvement suggests that Monitor Audio have undertaken a greater program of development than originally intended and I suspect that this is why this range is being released now rather than in 2018 as originally intended.

While the previous changes to the Gold series have been iterative with subtle driver and grille changes, the new range is a complete reworking – all drivers changed and resized, the cabinets reshaped, refinished and a host of other details.

John’s review details why he believes these are the best loudspeaker that Monitor Audio have built. Read more here.

Nativ Vita – The epicentre of your music.

The new Nativ Vita is a world class music server and touchscreen control all wrapped into a perfectly engineered and beautifully finished package.

Vita greys
Nativ Vita Touchscreen – now at Totally Wired from NZ$2850 including GST.

The Vita is the solution we have long been looking for to bring our digital music collection off the various computers, phones and CDs scattered around the house. It gets over a whole series of annoying compatibility and control issues. But most importantly, the Nativ Vita is the best sounding digital source we’ve heard. It delivers both the perfect foil for our best analogue systems as well as making an ideal match for the entire NuPrime range of DACs and digital amplifiers. Not to mention the new Vifa speaker systems.

Nativ Vita – and the other matching components within their range – have broad compatibility and so will enhance many systems. So whether you are an early adopter of digital and computer audio, or looking to finally move from CDs, or wanting to level the performance gap between a serious analogue setup and digital, Nativ Vita could well be the perfect product.

And finally having it here for ourselves, we’re thrilled with how it looks, how easy it is to use and set up, and how great it sounds. Read more here.

The Nuprime Evolution DAC and digital preamplifier.

Nuprime Evolution DAC-preamplifier. Choice of black or silver finish
Nuprime Evolution DAC-preamplifier. Choice of black or silver finish

The story of the NuPrime Evolution DAC is very much about unknown pleasures – in what it has revealed so far from recordings we know, to what the future still holds as we further improve the system around it, as the Evolution DAC continues to run in, and as our renewed enthusiasm for new music takes us to places unknown. Are you ready to come with us?

Have you ever wondered just how good recorded sound can be? And can we appreciate it with the realities of our hearing? What will be the cost of a system capable of rendering it?

The  timely arrival of the Nuprime Evolution DAC – NZ$6000 including GST and delivery –  just before the end of the year has brought these questions into focus, and it’s taken us down some unexpected pathways. More.

I’m in love… the new Sonus faber Electa Amator III.Electa

Of all the Sonus faber models, these are the ones I want for myself – having experienced the earlier version, I’ve retained a clear memory of their unique sound. While two versions of the Cremona Auditor and the subsequent Olympica I have built upon this heritage, there is just something about this design with the larger bass driver and beautifully finished cabinet (yes – that’s Italian Carrara marble on the base and stands) that pulls at my heartstrings.

Officially released just a few days ago, these speakers will come in between the Olympica 1 and Guarneri Tradition. Expected NZ$ price is $18,000 the pair with stands included.Immerse yourself in Sonus faber’s own page here.

NuPrime CDP-9 CD player and DAC.

“The NuPrime CDP-9 clearly better than any CD Playing system we have sold previously over the last decade with the exception of the top end Meridian products. And even then it does bring something unique to the party. The CDP-9 is also better than our previous recommendations of transport (Oppo and Cambridge) and DAC combinations, both in performance and value for money. The quality and implementation of the new Sabre chipset surpass the digital performance of both NuPrime’s own IDA-8 and DAC-9.

The NuPrime CDP-9 NZ$2800.

There is also a certain irony going on here with the cycling of formats. CD was predicted to spell the end of vinyl and that’s come back. Streaming was supposed to spell the end of CD (and let’s not even start to talk about format changes with the little silver discs). But here we are with a new player from a forward looking company that breathes new life into the compact disc. If you have a CD collection, NuPrime are looking after you.”Read more.

New Dynavector MC cartridges.

The new Dynavector DV 17DX.

Not one but two new models. We’ve just got the new DV17DX (replaces the D3) and DV10X5MkII moving coil cartridges. I’ve just done a full review of the 17DX .The 17D3 is completely re-engineered with a new body and magnet assembly – this now comes in at NZ$2700 and takes it past the DVXX-2 in performance – here’s the data sheet.The classic Dynavector entry level high output model – the 10X5 has been through even more changes over it’s lifespan and is now in MK2 form sporting a new Shibata III stylus for better detail retreival and other modifications for even better sound. At NZ$1100 the MK2 version is the same price as the previous model which makes it easily the best buy at this level. More here.

Monitor Audio Studio review.

We might have been first but now the new Studio loudspeakers are finding some real fans – Alan Sircom at HiFi+ writes “…the Studio is all about detail retrieval. If a guitarist uses a phaser pedal and they meant to use a anger (one of the differences between the sound of Jimi Hendrix’ and David Gilmore’s FX-laden sounds) you will hear the mistake effortlessly. If a singer needs a spot of AutoTune, you’ll quickly learn to recognise its processing engine’s sonic signature, even at subtle levels. Want to know if that was an alto sax playing low or tenor sax playing high? The Studio will let you into the mix. This is standard fare for more high-end designs, but something of a rarity in the £1,000 price range. Normally, at this point, you either get something effortlessly musical, but not very revealing, or a loudspeaker that equates ‘detail’ with ‘high-frequency energy’ and the Monitor Audio Studio is one of the rare exceptions to both.”Read the full review here.

 The NuPrime Evolution One Mono Power Amplifiers.

NuPrime’s new flagship model – the Evolution One Mono power amplifier – sets new standards in audio fidelity, originality of design and value. In short, we think they sound absolutely amazing and  if there were ever a product to stretch yourself for, these new amplifiers are it. 

The NuPrime Evolution One mono amplifiers at home.

There is an openness and ease I’ve never heard before. With their Micro-pleat ribbon tweeter, and narrow profile the Monitor Audio Studios are set up to excel at sound-staging. Combined with the Evolution Ones, the soundstage is both cinematic and deep – every instrument and note has it’s place in space – full 3D space, not just a plane and right back to the listening position – it’s immersive in the better recordings. I’ve experienced fleeting moments of this with other systems but the Evolution Ones do this with a precision and consistency that shows how things should be done.I’ll try to put the Evolution Ones in context for you – The improvement I hear of these over all other amplifiers I have listened to is unequivocal: there are swathes of detail and information transmitted that have not been heard before – this is combined with more than ample power and control, a complete lack of artefact allows you to enjoy all of your music as never before.

Read our full review here.

Dynavector P75MK4 Phono stage NZ$1250

The new Dynavector P75MK4 is the most substantial re-working of the design with by far the greatest advance in performance. Outwardly the P75MK4 has been transformed from a very basic little box to a much more sophisticated construction, with curved aluminium extrusion side panels, a more appealing front and far better finish. Find out more here.

World first review – the Monitor Audio Studio


The Monitor Audio Studio has recalibrated my expectation of how a compact speaker can perform – the resolution levels and clarity are the best I’ve heard and lay bare everything that is happening in the system. The integration between the metal cone bass/mid drivers and ribbon tweeter is seamless. The speed, control and pace are exemplary.

At their best in an almost near field situation fitted to their dedicated stands, with a wide spread and carefully adjusted toe in, the Studio’s project a holographic soundstage with uncanny accuracy and precision.

The performance delivered from the mid bass upwards is at the very least equal to that of Monitor Audio’s flagship PL-500-II from which the Studio is derived but this much more compact and affordable model is by far a better choice for smaller rooms and doesn’t require anything like the same investment in front end electronics to sing. The Studio is an insight into the values of Monitor Audio’s design team – read the full review.

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