Everyone loves a deal and have we got the deals for you! But seriously, we look to make our trade in components, demonstration stock and specials from suppliers as good a value propositions as you can get. We’ve just updated our listings with a series of components and even cables, so scroll down and see what’s on offer..

A tale of two amplifiers – the Plinius 2100 and NuForce DDA-100.

IMG_1226Both of these amps marked turning points for us. The Plinius 2100 was their very first integrated model and was one of the very best selling New Zealand made amps ever built. In fact it may well have been the most popular of all time given it was relatively affordable and killed pretty much every imported option. I had a bit of a personal stake in it having written the point of sale material. Having  been a proponent of separate pre/power combinations I’d come to the conclusion that, in this case, an integrated was actually better, albeit in terms of performance for the money. While it doesn’t seem so much now, 100 watts a side was insanely powerful at the time and the Plinius still has a lot of kick. It’s a a completely analogue design with plenty of inputs although no built in phono stage. We’ve given this one a bit of a service, just really cleaning and lubrication of the switches and it’s running just fine.

The NuForce DDA-100 is a completely different ballgame. Exclusively digital and as radical in it’s design as the Plinius is conventional yet the purpose is essentially the same – both being integrated amplifiers. For us the arrival of NuForce really showed that the writing was on the wall for NZ made – the DDA-100 went places that Plinius and Perreaux simply didn’t in terms of sound quality and resolution and did it at a price that seemed absurdly low, despite having to come in from overseas. I still love the purity and purpose of this design and while NuPrime have gone on to build even better integrated amps they cost a lot more. But the influence of the DDA-100 is still obvious within them. I wrote a lot about the DDA-100 here. And you’ll find a ton of links to other reviews in there as well.

You really could not get two more disparate approaches to building an integrated amplifier yet in both cases the designers were committed to simply delivering the best sound they could for the budget. At at each point in time I really do think they achieved that. Given one is analogue and the other digital it’s hardly a case of comparing apples with apples but it does show how far things have come with home audio systems over the years – despite being a lot smaller and lighter, if you have digital sources (computer, laptop or disc player) the DDA-100 would be my pick solely for the sound quality – there’s a decade of progress between the designs and it shows.

That said, there always a place or analogue and plenty of digital sources have analogue outputs – the Plinius has a real muscularity to it’s sound and is built to last. It’s a serious upgrade when compared to many of the mass market amps out there as they just seem to get worse as they pile in ever more features. And for many the NZ made is still a thing. In both cases the previous owners have stepped up to NuPrime models that cost a lot more so you may well follow in their footsteps. There’s nothing wrong with that..

Trade in Plinius 2100 $750

Trade in NuForce DDA-100 $350

Monitor Audio WT-150 LCR in walls. $600 (normally $900 the pair)

 These are very cool in-walls. Much like my favourite Monitor Audio speaker – the Studio, these have the d’Apolito layout with bass/mid drivers on either side and a central tweeter – all metal coned C-Cam drivers. This system is great for projecting sound out into the room and it’s very much a truism that two are better than one when it comes to bass drivers. The performance is right up there with the Bronze 2s we’ve just detailed.

Monitor Audio Bronze series run-out specials

The new 6G range has taken the spotlight but the warehouse has unearthed a few pairs of the previous Bronze range that you can have at discounted prices:

  • Bronze 2 bookshelf/stand mount, black finish $650 – were $750, (new 6G $850)
  • Bronze 5 floorstanding, walnut or black finish $1200 – were $1500
  • Bronze 6 floorstanding black finish $1500 – were $1800, (new 6G $2100)

 Specials – freight & warranty – Because the specials are all discounted, we do have to charge freight for out-of-town clients. All components will be safely packed in original packaging if available or appropriate boxes. Normal warranty applies on new components.

How To Order – Once you’ve made your decision and are ready to order, we’ll make it easy for you. Either phone us on 0800 909–101 or e-mail and we can get your address and all details confirmed. For payment more and more people prefer to use internet banking – email us to get account details.

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