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Everyone loves a deal and have we got the deals for you! But seriously, we look to make our trade in components, demonstration stock and specials from suppliers as good a value propositions as you can get. We’ve just updated our listings with a series of components and even cables, so scroll down and see what’s on offer...

NuPrime Demonstration specials

NuPrime have been adding new models to their range at a breathtaking pace over the last two years. Progress is a good thing and it also presents you with the opportunity to get a really special component or two at a great saving as we look for new homes for some of our demonstration units.

Our NuPrime Evolution system.

Evolution Series – with the launch of the Evolution STA last year, Evolution Two more recently and the Evolution DAC-2 due to ship this month it’s time for us to reluctantly let our original Evolution One mono power amplifiers and matching DAC find new homes.

Together or separately these are serious high end components from the top of our range. The Evolution One mono power amplifiers were originally $14,000 for a pair. They are effortlessly powerful and controlled, with an almost perfect balance of accuracy with warmth. The Evolutions are unflustered by speaker load and perform consistently across a wide range of systems. The better the front end components you use with them, the better the sound you’ll get out. I don’t think I’ve ever found their limits. Cool running and able to be stacked, the slim profile makes them seem understated but they happily outperform anything else we’ve heard.

Evolution DAC – is the ideal source for the Evolution Ones but also makes lesser power amplifiers preform at a level that’s a bit of an eye opener. The Evolution DAC is as much a highly capable preamp as it is a state of the art DAC.

Nuprime Evolution One mono power amps – (pair) were NZ$14,000, now just $7000.

Nuprime Evolution DAC was NZ$6000 – now just $4000.

The MCX-2 is my favourite NuPrime amp when it comes to being fun to listen to – it’s got endless power and presence and because it’s so easily to drive and has high gain, it can slot into almost any system. It absolutely shines when running some of the more demanding speakers. You can read a lot more about it here. NuPrime MXC-2 550 watt stereo power amplifier – new price $3700 – one only at NZ$2500

Omnia Stream 9 – the Stream 9 is Nuprime’s answer to Lumin’s U2 Mini (NZ$4500). Around the same size and with many similarities, the NuPrime Stream has features that the Lumin doesn’t such as WiFi and Bluetooth, a linear power supply and included remote control. Having both on hand we can hear that the NuPrime gives away very little in terms of performance and if anything can be more lucid and exciting.

The Stream 9 connects to any worthwhile DAC (there are multiple digital outputs so you simple choose which is best for you) and delivers true high resolution and high performance streaming from many different sources – local hard drives, streaming services such as Tidal and Spotify, internet radio, Bluetooth, Airplay 2, WiFi and Ethernet. It’s easy to get up and running with NuPrime’s own Ominia App and you can also use other apps such as Tidal Connect.

NuPrime Stream 9 Network transport and streamer – was NZ$2200 – now $1500 – one each in black and silver

uDSD. This is a little DAC designed to get better sound out of your laptop or computer and power either headphones or run directly into your stereo system. Admittedly the effective takeover of digital music by smartphones has taken some of the attention away from USB DACs such as the uDSD but there are still plenty of applications and with streaming the likes of Tidal or Spotify from your computer, this will be a hugely worthwhile improvement for less than the cost of most cables! Was NZ$350 – now only $200.

Monitor Audio Sliver 7G 500 speakers $3500 ($4500 new)

Our review pair of the best of Monitor Audio’s latest 7G (Seventh Generation) Silver series is up for grabs. You can read what we thought about them here . This pair look fantastic in the most popular dark walnut finish and have only ever been run here. Because of the size and weight, freight should be taken into account but for anyone in Te WaiPounamu this is much less of an issue.

The size is what makes them so great – they have both high efficiency and absolutely full on bass extension so you get that big speaker sound but with a whole lot of refinement. And you don’t need and especially powerful amplifier to really make them move (although more is definitely fun!)

Lumin Network Players – trade in and demonstration

On special – Lumin T2 (silver demonstration unit) and D2 (black trade in) network players.

Lumin are at the top of their game and their streaming components are as good as it gets. This month we have two most excellent Lumin specials – the first is the D2 in black that’s just been traded in – it’s an absolutely current model and fully updated. While it’s Lumin’s ‘entry level’ player (at $4500 new) it delivers a captivating performance as the many reviews can attest. This particular unit has done sterling service in a seriously high end system for only 12 months and has been replaced by the X1. Sold as new, with original packing, a 12 month warranty and our highest recommendation. NZ$3000.

The T2 is Lumin’s most popular model and has just been replaced by the T3 – which combines our new-for-2022 processing system, solid CNC-panel construction and X1 technology to deliver maximum price/performance. That said they share exactly the same DAC set and like all Lumin models run on the same App.

This is our own demonstration unit in silver – it’s never left our house and like the D2 above, is sold as new, full original packing and a 12 month warranty at NZ$6000. The new T3 is $9500. Side by side with the D2 there is an obvious performance advantage – the T2 is much more lucid and alive and more adept at unwinding complex passages. There’s also significant differences in size and weight between the D2 and T2 – simply put, a lot more has gone into it. The reviews of the T2 are something else again.

Both the D2 and T2 sound amazing run straight into power amplifiers. The LEEDH lossless volume control means the Lumin players outperform most separate preamplifiers so you can build a much better sounding, simpler and cost effective system. Of course you can also insert these players into any existing system and still get by far the best sound of any network player on the market.

Phono cartridge specials

Dynavector 10X5 High output MC cartridge – brand new and never been out of the box. This has always been our ‘go to’ cartridge to introduce people to the wonders of the Dynavector range and has all the good things that go into a moving coil design plus the advantage of a high output equal to that of most moving magnet carts which means you don’t need a special phono stage. SOLD.

Nagaoka MP300 – trade in. I love this cartridge – the precision and speed imparted by the Boron cantilever combined with the robust and balanced sound that’s always made the Nagaoka MP range so popular – it says a lot that our client had to go right up to the new Well Tempered Kauri Mk2 MC to get a worthwhile improvement. The stylus on it has had very little use – less than 100 hours as it was recently replaced and a second barely used stylus in included with the deal. Trade in price $900 – new $1500.

Ortofon 2M Black ($650 – new $1299) and 2M Blue stylus. The 2MBlack MM cartridge has got endless great reviews and the Shibata stylus delivers everything it’s supposed to in terms of detail and accuracy. I’ve carefully checked and had a listen to this cartridge and there’s no indication of significant stylus wear so you’d get at least a good year or two before having to consider stylus replacement. The 2MBlue stylus is new and has just been sitting here because we continually sell the Nagaoka cartridges instead. The 2M range styli are interchangeable between models so this is perfect for anyone who’s got and existing 2MRed that they want to upgrade. $200 (new price $299)

Vifa & Tivoli WiFi and Bluetooth speakers

Vifa Copenhagen#vifaofficial in Pebble Grey at Totally Wired

Vifa Wireless speakers. Our two demonstration models – the little Reykjavik in black and the larger and even better Copenhagen in a light ‘Pebble Grey’ finish. $395 and $1200 respectively ($499 and $2000 new). The Copenhagen is is seriously capable – it’s got full wifi as well as Bluetooth and will fill even larger rooms with sound. There’s a rechargeable battery inside so it runs either plugged in or moves around with you.

We’ve also somehow ended up with a surplus of the ever popular Tivoli iPAL-BT portable radios in the white finish so have 3 to go at –$395 – you save $100 on new. And these are the new MK2 versions with better sound, finish and an improved battery.

STAX SRS 3100 electrostatic ear speaker system

This is the complete Stax entry level system – the SR L 300 Lambda series electrostatic headphones plus the SRM-252S driver (headphone amp) and all cables included. So it will work with any system, sounds fantastic and blows any comparably priced speakers of headphones into the weeds. Our page here $1300 – new $1800 save $500 on new price.

KLEI Speaker binding posts. A story in themselves these binding post will make your amp or speakers sound a lot better. Pure copper contacts deliver 100% conductivity as opposed to the normal gold plated brass which is around 30% down. See them on the KLEI site here. Just $20 each. Easy to fit if you’re even slightly practical and know how to use a soldering iron.

NuForce iDo DAC & headphone amp – $80

Here’s one for the die-hard apple fans – I know there are still plenty of people that remain rather attached to their original iPods. I wrote about the iDo at length when they came out and everything we found then still applies today. With original power supply and stand, silver finish.

CD’s for Sale

It’s time for us to go ‘Kondo’ with the Totally Wired CD collection now ready for you to buy. Pictured is just a small selection so we have a special page to list them all which we’ll build up over time.

CD sale @totallywired.nz

 Specials – freight & warranty – Because the specials are all discounted, we do have to charge freight for out-of-town clients. All components will be safely packed in original packaging if available or appropriate boxes. Normal warranty applies on new components.

How To Order – Once you’ve made your decision and are ready to order, we’ll make it easy for you. Either phone us on 0800 909–101 or e-mail and we can get your address and all details confirmed. For payment more and more people prefer to use internet banking – email us to get account details.

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