Sonus faber – 35th Anniversary Sale

With the launch of the new Sonus faber Sonetto range  we’re running a series of specials to both promote Sonus faber and help make room for the new range. 

Our own history with Sonus faber goes back to the original Concertino and Signum models. From our first listen we were seduced – the midrange quality was like nothing we’d heard before and through every succeeding model and range change, the sound quality has continued to improve. Today’s Sonus fabers both maintain their unique Italian heritage and advance performance well beyond that of the mass market brands.

There are some undeniably costly models in the Sonus faber range. But their affordable models draw directly from these creations and share much in terms of design, quality of finish and performance. To own a pair of Sonus faber speakers is to immerse yourself in music – it doesn’t matter what your favored genres are – the Sonus faber voice makes vocals and instruments of all descriptions more lifelike and musical.

We’ve got specials on selected models from 3 different loudspeaker ranges – Chameleon, Cremona and Venere. Add to this the hand made beauty of the Pryma headphones and there is something for almost every music lover.

Take a few minutes to visit the Sonus faber site to discover what makes them so special.

Sonus faber Chameleon T – now from just $2700 including side panels

P9300078 2.jpgThe Sonus faber Chameleon T is one of our favourite floor  standing speakers – generous in both size and performance.

These are designed for larger rooms and have both high efficiency and some serious bass abilities. You’ll want to have plenty of free space around them and given their visual presence and the cool colour choices, these speakers will be a feature in your room. Justifiably so!

From the foundations of the bass, the Chameleon’s are a tremendously lucid and engaging speaker – perfect from making live recordings actually sound alive, be they large orchestral pieces or something a little more full-on. Sonus faber speakers are full of character and the Chameleon Ts are no exception – while they will tick all the serious audiophile boxes there is a lot more to music than analysis and strict accuracy. We love our own Sonus fabers because they flesh out recordings, transmitting some real emotion and adding something that we just don’t hear with other brands. And that’s why we think you’ll enjoy these speakers so much.

Chameleon_T_Walnut_1024x1024.jpg The combination of large bass drivers and an expansive front port do demand your amplifier has control to deliver their best. Here’s a great place to start – the NuPrime integrated IDA-16 or even better ST-10 power amplifier matched with appropriate front end to get the Chameleon Ts really moving.

Finish options – choose from red gloss side panels – $2700 inclusive, or walnut veneer panels at $3000.

Original pricing – NZ$5000 with coloured panels, $6000 with Walnut.

Sonus faber Chameleon page here.

And our own take on the range here.

Cremona Auditor M speakers with stands – $4500

These are our own speakers which have been something of a constant in our home  for several years. Every time we’ve upgraded any part of the system, the Auditors have lived up to their name and brought more music into our lives.PC220020.jpg

An all round improvement on the original Auditor, which in turn was derived from an extended family of high performance compact speakers – Electa Amator, Guaneri, Extrema and Signum, these are a product of both history and passion. They are speakers that really do shine on audition – even though they would sell quite happily on looks alone.

The Cremona Auditor M  is the classic Sonus faber stand mounted speaker system and have a way of energising the room with a glorious midrange, giving presence to vocals and strings in a manner that I’ve still not heard from any other speaker.

While there is a suggestion that Sonus faber are a classically oriented speaker (with good justification) for our own listening there has been a broad range including lots of little indie bands that still spin my wheels. Given an appropriate amplifier the Auditors can growl when they need to and produce remarkable bass and dynamics.

This pair in as good a condition as you’ll ever get – we’ve been pedantic about putting the cloth covers on when not in use and the solid maple cabinets glow with repeated rubbings of high quality furniture oil. The stands are part of the deal and are the dedicated models which attach to the speakers. Original boxes naturally.

The replacement model for the Auditor M – the Olympica 1 is NZ$11,000 the pair plus $2500 for matching stands.

Sonus faber Pryma Headphones – $795 save $200

pryma_nyThe Sonus faber experience is more than loudspeakers – The Pryma headphones are made to bring Sonus faber quality to more listeners.

Every pair of Pryma  headphones is made in Italy by Sonus faber, where they uphold an elevated culture of sound and an exacting dedication to excellence in craftsmanship. In a rare synergy of ancient tradition and modern innovation, centuries of Italian leather work meet countless days of testing in our laboratories. The results are audible.

Just plug into your iPhone or mobile player and you’ll suddenly understand what Sonus faber are all about – the sound quality and levels of detail are directly comparable to their $11,000 Olympica 1 loudspeakers.

With this very special offer,  treat yourself, or make them a special gift. You’ll not only enjoy a significant saving but will receive a delightful, gift wrapped package with extra World Wide Fund for Nature keyring. Exclusive to Totally Wired customers.

More here.

Quad 12L.2 loudspeakers (trade in) & New D-Stream WAMP-200SB – a complete system for $1400.

When this pair of Quad’s came in (as trade in on the new Monitor Audio Studios) I thought it would be great to set them up within a system so we know that they will end up sounding as good as I know they should – and also give someone a complete system for a whole lot less that we’d normally be able to. The Quads are a generously sized shelf (or stand) mount speaker that are especially good with classical and well recorded music – they have a full rich tone and a real presence in the midrange.IMG_0356.jpg

‘The 12L’s detail levels are high, and they deliver even the most complex of music in an impressively unflustered manner.

The way they handle a natural recording such as Litany is truly a joy, particularly as they get the tonality and harmonic richness of instruments so right.

The Quad’s stereo imaging is impressively precise and nicely layered –provided, of course, the recording has these qualities to start with.’

The new little D-Stream is a story in itself – our new entry level amplifier with remarkable capabilities on the digital front. Matched with the Quad’s you get the best of all worlds – the speakers present an easy load and the amplifier excels in clarity and openness.wamp3

Tie the two together with some nicely terminated Kimber speaker cables and you have a system that’s ready to go for less than we sold the speakers for originally. I’ve been enjoying this combination in my office for the last couple of weeks and will struggle to get as good a sound without spending substantially more on the speakers.

Being trade in’s, there are a couple of wee marks on the Quads but we’ve got the original boxes on hand and I’ve made sure they are sounding just as they should be. As a system it’s got a new 12 month warranty.

Monitor Audio Gold GXW15 Subwoofer – New $ 2,000

What about some really serious bass? The Monitor Audio Gold series GXW15 DSP subwoofer is a unique beast. The massive 15″ CCAM bass driver cone is lighter than most, and when intelligently driven by the DSP amp (Digital Signal Processing) which corrects and optimizes performance, it is considerably faster and more subtle than you might imagine. But 650 watts of power efficient Class D amplifier carries a fearsome punch. With automated setup backed up by fine tuning via remote control and an easy to understand menu and display system, you can really make the most of the GXW15. Was $4,000, one only.

Also included – SlinkyLinks pure silver sub cable.

Monitor Audio Silver Series (5th generation) run-out specials.

6e1a42814312a71387fd873976ab2041.jpgWe’ve got the new Monitor Audio 6th Generation silver series on board now (which I just love – read about them here and here) and so have some most excellent specials on the earlier versions – which are still very, very good.The models 1 and 2 are stand or shelf mount. The floorstanding Silver 6s are quite possibly the most popular Monitor Audio model ever. There are only one or two pairs of each model left and a finish choices are as we’ve noted below. All speakers are new and shipped out directly to you from the warehouse with no charge of shipping in NZ. And the full Monitor Audio 5 year warranty applies. With savings of as much as a $1000 a pair over both new and the replacement 6G models, these speakers will race out so get in yourself, tell your friends and make summer a whole lot better sounding!
Silver 1 shelf/stand mount – natural oak (last pair) and gloss white $900 (originally $1300/$1400 for the gloss) 
Silver 2 shelf/stand mount – gloss white $1150 (were $1800)
Silver 6 floorstander – Natural oak , gloss white (last pair) and black $1800 (were $2500)
Silver Centre speakers – oak (1), gloss white (1) $800 (were $1000/$1100)

Tivoli stereo speakers – walnut – $175

tivoli_stereo_speaker_walnut.pngWe’ve found the last two matching stereo speakers for the Tivoli Model 3 clock radio hidden in the back of the warehouse – finished in walnut/beige (same as the latest Model 3 BT too). They make the Model 3 sound precisely twice as good giving you both more siounbd and stereo rather than mono. Jump on one of these if you’ve got the Model 3 as we’re not likley to be able to get them again.

A very big lot of cables….


When we were still doing complex multi-room, AV systems with projectors and TVs, and had a big theatre demonstration room in the shop it was easy to accumulate a lot of cables – from Monster, UltraLink, MIT, Belkin and others. Some were eye-wateringly costly. There are all sorts of connections in there. But I just don’t do this stuff anymore and so we’ve got a big cardboard box full that’s taking up room I’d othewise use. It’s a good 15kg or more. $200 and it’s all yours – including freight within NZ. Less if you’d like to swing around and pick it up.

Racks & Stands

We’ve got a selection of AV racks we’ve used for display on sale plus some speaker stands that need new homes…

Loewe ART TV cabinet

This is a beautiful piece of modernist slimline design – holds two components, closing front door, cable cover at the back, silver/grey finish. Originally around $2000! Never used and has been sitting in a box till we brought it out to take a pic. I’m not so sure I want to sell it now as our own Loewe TV looks pretty good on it so get in before we have a change of heart $500

Sound Creations Symphony TV Rack – less than half price – $700 (new $1439)

Elegant and 100% functional, this rack takes multiple components including a TV is you are so inclined. Black finish, smoked glass shelves, Rimu corner inserts and a cable management sleeve around the back, Castors included too. Because this rack is fully made up with welded construction, shipping will have to be extra in this case and will vary depending on where you are.

Bellogetti 1.5m high 5 shelf glass and steel rack

Perfect for alcoves and storage of multiple components and media $300

Norstone Stylum 2 speaker stands – 2 column, gloss black $300 new. Not quite as good as the Z1s above but if you fill them with sand you won’t be too far behind. Flat packed. $200

Sound Creations short speaker stands – basic but solid 0.5m speaker stand with all welded constriction – matt black. $100

The Absolute Sound magazine

I’ve got a box full of high end audio history here – great reading from around 1985 to the early 90s. $60 + shipping


Pure silver and seriously high end these cables are close to unbeatable – only the new KLEI models are better and that’s a whole other story. And I thought it was a pile of empty SlinkyLinks tins. The sub cables are extra special with thicker silver conductors for more power and speed.

Subwoofer cables 4m – $250, 5m – $300

Stereo Interconnect pair 3m $300

Also made by SlinkyLinks and perfect for anyone with a quality personal player –
3.5mm Stereo Interconnect 1m $100

0.2m Project VdH interconnects. Very short but very good if you’ve got small or close components to run to – ideal for phono stages with very good shielding. Silver placed RCAs just $30 a pair

 Specials – freight & warranty – Because the specials are all discounted, we do have to charge freight for out-of-town clients. All components will be safely packed in original packaging if available or appropriate boxes. Normal warranty applies on new components and 90 days for demo and trade–in pieces.

How To Order – Once you’ve made your decision and are ready to order, we’ll make it easy for you. Either phone us on 0800 909–101 or e-mail and we can get your address and all details confirmed. For payment more and more people prefer to use internet banking – email us to get account details.