Everyone loves a deal and have we got the deals for you! But seriously, we look to make our trade in components, demonstration stock and specials from suppliers as good a value propositions as you can get. We’ve just updated our listings with a series of components and even cables, so scroll down and see what’s on offer...

NuPrime Evolution DAC – demonstration unit special – was NZ$6000, one only at $4000.

NuPrime Evolution DAC and preamplifier @totallywired.nz

Hot on the heals of a pair of trade in Evolution Monos that sold within a week of being advertised, we’re letting our beloved Evolution DAC find it’s way out into the big wide world. As you’ll see when you click on the previous link, I’ve written extensively about the Evolution DAC. What has changed since that review is the rise of streaming and in particular the Lumin Network Players. But the Evolution DAC is well placed to deal with this – the combination of the new Lumin U2 Mini network transport and the Evo DAC is simply stunning.

This shows you just how good the NuPrime actually is. And NuPrime have their own streaming solutions that the Evolution DAC works seamlessly with – the affordable Stream Mini and better Stream 9 – both of which optimally connect to the Evolution DAC’s IIs input , deliver fantastic wifi and BT performance full control via the NuPrime Omnia App

NuPrime Evolution One Mono power amplifiers – trade in – $6500 the pair.

One pair only of NuPrime’s flagship power amplifiers and still very much their best work. I own a pair of these myself and briefly considered selling them with the arrival of the new Evolution STA stereo power amplifier and all the attention the new AMG STA’s have been getting. But it really only took about 10 minutes listening and I forgot about idea – The Evolution Monos are still the best and when you investigate further it’s easy to see why. Everything I wrote when we first got them remains true ; even more so as we’ve improved all the components and cables around them.

There’s almost unlimited power but more importantly a sense of ease and balance with these amps – everything about them is just right in terms of tonality, detail, scale and a vanishingly low noise floor. They are substantial in build but still sleek and streamlined.

While the original new cost was NZ$14,000 the reality is that if NuPrime tried to put this model back into production, the component cost, exchange rate and freight would all conspire to make them considerably more and that’s probably why the single box Evolution STA stereo amp comes in at $8500. Side by side, I know which I’d have for myself and can’t see this changing any time soon.

This pair come with the original packing, have been refurbished by the NuPrime factory and have a 6 month warranty. I’ve presently got them running here in our best system – if I didn’t have my own set there is no way I’d be putting these up for sale. The chances of getting another pair through are close to non-existent so contact us directly if you are in the market for one of the best amplifier systems made regardless of cost.

Coming soon – trade in Well Tempered Simplex turntable

One of our clients has found the only way to improve upon their much loved little Well Tempered Simplex is to go up the food chain to the new 254. While the Simplex has gone to MK2 status, the original gives very little away – the plain black plinth and darker platter being the only obvious changes made. Pricing will be around $1500 assuming everything checks out – this is a turntable I know like thee back of my hand and so we’ll be making sure the next owner is as happy as the last. Do let us know ahead of time if you’re interested – this is a real high end turntable going for a Pro-ject price and it’s certainly something we don’t often see.

Plinius 2.4 Preamplifier with Plinius Power Supply $300

Bit of a blast from the past – an original Plinius preamp and power supply. We would have sold this back in the late 1980s. Sounds surprisingly good although there is a bit of noise when the volume control is turned but this is not unusual – we’ve priced accordingly. Here’s a link to a recent sale of exactly the same combination at $700. The Plinius has a phono stage with both MM and MC capabilities.

NuForce iDo DAC & headphone amp – $80

Here’s one for the die-hard apple fans – I know there are still plenty of people that remain rather attached to their original iPods. I wrote about the iDo at length when they came out and everything we found then still applies today. With original power supply and stand, silver finish.

CD’s for Sale

It’s time for us to go ‘Kondo’ with the Totally Wired CD collection now ready for you to buy. Pictured is just a small selection so we have a special page to list them all which we’ll build up over time.

CD sale @totallywired.nz

 Specials – freight & warranty – Because the specials are all discounted, we do have to charge freight for out-of-town clients. All components will be safely packed in original packaging if available or appropriate boxes. Normal warranty applies on new components.

How To Order – Once you’ve made your decision and are ready to order, we’ll make it easy for you. Either phone us on 0800 909–101 or e-mail and we can get your address and all details confirmed. For payment more and more people prefer to use internet banking – email us to get account details.

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