Everyone loves a deal and have we got the deals for you! But seriously, we look to make our trade in components, demonstration stock and specials from suppliers as good a value propositions as you can get. We’ve just updated our listings with a series of components and even cables, so scroll down and see what’s on offer...

Nuprime IDA-8 integrated amplifier – Trade in $1200 ($2150 new)

NuPrime DAC 9 audio digital to analogue converter at Totally Wired

The NuPrime IDA-8 is a completely modern product combining high resolution digital with easy access and use. It’s fun with plenty of power. It’s also a product you’ll grow into – in our world the IDA-8 is well beyond entry level. This is an amplifier that wants you to match it with equally serious speakers, to take care with connections and setup of sources, because when you get it right, you’ll really hear it. In terms of digital there are very few products of any description that can match it without spending considerably more. Read more here.

This is a trade in unit in good condition with original packaging BTR-8 Bluetooth adaptor and remote control. Buy with confidence and a 6 month warranty.


Rotel RQ 970BX Phono stage Trade in – $200.


Rotel have always done a nice job with analogue and the RQ970 phono stage is a bit of a classic. Unlike most this is a full width components and has a high quality inbuilt power supply rather than the ubiquitous wall wart. Traded in on one of the wonderful Well Tempered units this is nevertheless a fine unit and really a bit of a steal at the price.

Monitor Audio Silver 6G Series run out

Monitor Audio Silver 300 floorstanding speakers in walnut at Totally Wired
Monitor Audio Silver 300 in walnut

Never a company to rest on their laurels, Monitor Audio have just announced the launch of their new 7th Generation Silver Series loudspeaker range. Which would be great news if we were living in normal times and they were here. But they are in transit and with Covid still creating massive disruptions the new range will be some time away. While it’s never what we want to hear, there will be some inevitable price increases – in part because they are improved models but also because the cost of shipping has gone through the literal roof. And what stock there is of the existing 6G range is being quickly depleted.

So – as you’d expect with the new range announced, we’ve got some great deals going on what’s left of the New Zealand stock of the 6G range – they all new and boxed and we’re able to ship directly to you while adhering to Level 3 conditions. Best deal in the whole range is the big Silver 500s – they are reduced to just $3330 the pair from $3700 and we’ve got both white and black ready to go – free shipping too which, given the size and weight of these speakers, is a real bonus. There is a pair in walnut hiding in the Auckland warehouse but these can only ship out once Auckland comes out of Level4.

We were really impressed with the Silver 300s when they first arrived and nothing has changed since then – Now at $2880 for a pair in walnut, black oak or white they are impossible to beat at this level.

The Silver 200s are the best sellers in the range internationally – elegant and compact for a floor-stander they do everything right and are the reviewers favourite. Just $2250 gets you into a pair of these. Drop us a line to check on finishes.

And finally the larger of the shelf or stand mount speakers – the Silver 100 has only a couple of pairs left at $1440.

Kimber Hero interconnects (sold) & Slinkylinks speaker cable set

SlinkyLinks 3m Speaker cable set. Trade in $250

– standard gold 4mm plugs both ends. This is a bit of an odd set having been joined in the middle by Dave from SlinkyLinks after being cut – it’s a long story so don’t ask. Anyway they still sound good and keep the SlinkyLinks reputation going – $840 new. We used to sell crazy amounts of this stuff and our original page still exist on our old website here.
 Specials – freight & warranty – Because the specials are all discounted, we do have to charge freight for out-of-town clients. All components will be safely packed in original packaging if available or appropriate boxes. Normal warranty applies on new components.

How To Order – Once you’ve made your decision and are ready to order, we’ll make it easy for you. Either phone us on 0800 909–101 or e-mail and we can get your address and all details confirmed. For payment more and more people prefer to use internet banking – email us to get account details.

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