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Welcome to Totally Wired

You’ve found us… and a great selection of cool audio stuff for your home.

We’re Totally Wired in more senses than one. An independent specialist business based in Dunedin, with clients throughout New Zealand and the world.

Totally Wired is a whole lot more than just a retail space. Our web presence has continually grown and we’re now at the point where roughly 80% of our business is on-line with clients not just in New Zealand but all around the world. Even within Dunedin, we’ve found that people will consult our website first.

Thge new Monitor Audio 6G speakers.

So for 2017 we’ve moved from the Terrace Houses to a home base while we redevelop our website to improve the quality of information and navigation for you. Hence Totally Wired 3.0 as this is the third venue. What you are seeing now is a work in progress and in parallel with the original domain.

In the last three years we’ve also established two fantastic agencies where we are able to bring you products directly from the designers – the NuPrime range of electronics and the Australian KLEI cables from Keith Eichmann. In both cases we’ve got a long history with the brands and having done well with them, the chance to take a step out of the conventional distribution structure allows us to deliver you better value and carry a greater range in stock.

We’ve continued to focus on the best components from our other partners – the Well Tempered turntables and Dynavector, Sonus faber speakers, Monitor Audio loudspeakers, Stax electrostatic headphones and Pure Audio amplifiers being obvious examples. Plus we are constantly researching and assessing new audio options.

And yes, we’re most certainly still your best source for both Tivoli radios.

We’re here to help. For our Otago clients – unencumbered by conventional retail hours, we are able to visit you in your own home and demonstrate our best products in this context. For all of you outside of Dunedin – we have more time allowing faster and more considered responses.

Analogue options.

The new Well Tempered Simplex 2

Analogue is more than vinyl. It’s music with warmth and realism. There are no sampling limits in analogue. You have the ability to make continual improvements to any analogue system, revealing more music with ever greater fidelity.

If you want to rediscover records, or invigorate an existing turntable based system we have some great analogue options for you. Read more here.

About Us

In this often detached world you may find it comforting to know that we are an owner operated business. You will deal with people who can answer your questions and find solutions. Our website is written to provide you with helpful information. If you know what you want you can quickly and easily contact us to make your order. Like many specialist NZ retailers there’s more to Totally Wired than simply running a business.

J&Sshop528.jpgWe are John Ransley and Carolyn Guytonbeck. We both graduated from Otago University in the 1980s. We loved listening to music which we quickly realised gave us a lot in common with you. Nothing else has the power to communicate as music. The better HiFi becomes, the more music it will add to your life. And if you’d like to experience that, Totally Wired is for you. We provide you with superb music listening and make sure you’re happy. As you know however, there is rather a lot of new technology to embrace and ways of enjoying your home life. These are the reasons our expertise is of value to you. You could say that we take it seriously so that you can simply relax and enjoy.

You Can Rely On Our Advice

Every day we deal with a wealth of components and systems from the world’s best designers and manufacturers, so We’re uniquely qualified to help. Quality is everything to us; it dictates every choice we make from the simplest component to the most complex system. So whatever level you feel comfortable with, you’re assured of the highest performance, best value and longest possible life. We offer you a unique proposition with independence, experience plus a proven reputation for delivery.

Our years of training and experience are here for you. And, as a respected, independent store we have the pick of the very best from anywhere in the world. With Totally Wired you can explore the world of possibilities; entry level systems to purist high fidelity components, high definition video combined with home cinema. All individually designed with a quality over quantity ethos. We introduce people to aspects of their home life they may not have considered or imagined, and set up a world of escapism. It’s about really enjoying the music, being absorbed by the movie; falling in love with the style of the component.

Ngā Mihi – John and Carolyn from Totally Wired

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