“I want to say how much I admire the way you run your business. I like the way you personalise your descriptions, always testing the products against your own experience, and making suggestions on that basis. You clearly know the HiFi world from the inside and you respond quickly…

“The inclusion of the gZero6 SC (speaker cables), has just brought the whole system on song. I truly believe that these KLEI cables have been the most substantial upgrade for the money invested in our system! I feel all our components have come together at their full potential…

“I purchased a Tivoli Model One from you last week and explained that I was hoping it would arrive to Auckland before my husbands birthday. On opening, we were both delighted to see that you had gone to the trouble of actually wrapping the Model One box with birthday paper….and ribbon!

“Popped the Dynavector (DV20XL2) in and was impressed by the definition. After a few hours playing the really big difference is the separation of, well, everything. Not only channel separation but the dimensionality increases multi-fold, each instrument has it’s own place in the room. And it sounds so sweet!”

“I would like to thank you for the journey you set me on once you recommended the Nuprime IDA-16. And then there was cable – KL’s fine products. We are reveling in the music – even if sometimes I do catch myself sometimes just listening to the system. Thank you for your help and advice.”

“Greetings from Abu Dhabi where last week, All of the goods survived the journey, and I am happy to report that our beautiful new home now has two beautifully functioning stereo systems, each of which has been immeasurably improved by the equipment with which you supplied us. Thank you!”

“I thought I’d let you know what a fantastic sounding speaker (Monitor Audio Bronze 2), they are! I’m not an audio expert, but I’m just amazed at how good they are. There are things I’m hearing in my favourite music that I’d just not heard before.  They look good too. Thanks for a great recommendation.”

“The NuPrime DAC10 does everything as promised, John.  I always like reading your descriptions of new products because they turn your personal experience into an enticingly seductive account of the sound pleasure to come for only a (comparatively) small expenditure. But what I like best is that these are no idle promises; what you describe is what we get.

“I thought it was about time I dropped you a few comments on my new (Well Tempered) Amadeus. The best way I can describe it is stunning! I’ve got a huge lift in performance. And the sound…. tight and agile would be top of the list. Also clear, lively, much more space between instruments, solid deep bass, detail, delicacy etc. So thanks for encouraging me down this line – I can see its going to be a lifelong companion.”

“I have managed to get my system working, and it sounds fantastic. Thanks for your great service and quick shipping.”