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KLEI AC Mains cables – your 4 best choices.

Discover why a new mains cable for your audio system is the easiest and most potent upgrade you can make, delivering an all round improvement in sound quality for much less than the cost of changing components. The KLEI AC mains cables really do make systems sound much better. Don’t just take my word for it – read what our clients have found and see the options available to you.

The KLEI AC mains cables really do make systems sound much better. Don’t just take my word for it – read what our clients have found –

‘Hi John. Not a full week, but 30 odd hours on the clock and already clearly brilliant. It took about an hour for their presence to become really clear but no question from then on and with the continuing improvement you anticipated. Lucidity certainly sums it up, and I can’t think of a better descriptor, though I’d add an enhanced physical presence that is both subtle and pure, a more fulsome, even luminous, tone, and an improved sound stage. They make a difference I can hear from other rooms which isn’t always the case at all with additional components.’

‘You did indicate when we talked about the power cable that you were sure I would notice the difference and you were certainly correct in your assertions.
No settling in or burn time on the power cord and the first record (Jazz at the Pawnshop) amazing improvement. The sound stage width and depth wow! Clarity and separation of the instruments much better.’

‘Hi John Just to let you know that the KLEI gPower 3 cable arrived safely on Tuesday, thank you very much.
I plugged this power cable into the Audiolab CDQ CD/DAC/Preamp driving 2 x MB8200 monoblocks (both on very stock-standard power cables plugged into a surge device – not ideal) and all linked by Slinky Links XLR interconnects and bi-wire speaker cables to my Monitor Audio Gold 300’s(5G).  
All I can say is WOW!, I was not expecting that amount of change!
Even plugging it in and listening right off the bat, I was amazed that this cable gave an immediate improvement.  The cable has only had about 2-3 hours of operation, but already I am noticing that the instruments have way more air around them, the soundstage is broader and deeper and the instruments are now ‘placed’, yet the music is still very cohesive. The vocals have a richness to them with a clarity, yet richness and warmth and vocal harmonies just come to life. The bass also improved and you can hear more distinct tighter bass notes.  The whole sound has been like a blanket has been lifted from the speakers.  I even heard some background sounds that I had not noticed before!  You mention in your articles that the sound can continue to improve, so I am looking forward to ‘discovering more’

‘I’ve just spent two delightful hours listening to a couple of Sibelius Symphonies where the new Purity AC cable has been doing sterling work with a high definition blue ray disc.  After a week (about 25-30 hours), what I first noticed from the cable is being well consolidated, though not hugely changed in its features. So for me the key qualities, as from the outset, are purity (the name is very apt), tonal richness and balance.  The gpower2 cable enhanced sound qualities quite brilliantly, particularly in the bass register, but the Purity model advances that impact with subtlety and finesse.’

A new mains cable for your system is the easiest and most potent upgrade you can make, delivering an all round improvement in sound quality for much less than the cost of changing components.

Not only this, the mains cable is more than a passive accessory that delivers a single sugar hit. These cables improve greatly over time so while you’ll hear an initial and obvious improvement, the gains keep coming over hours, days, weeks and even months. Added all together this becomes a game changing upgrade.

You’ll finally discover how good the electronic components you have carefully selected actually do sound.

There are 4 new models in the KLEI range

The original gPower and Purity models have all been replaced by the improved QFlow series with significant gains in resolution and a dramatically lower noise floor. The nomenclature brings the AC cables into line with the new analogue interconnects and the performance gains are broadly equivalent when you compare the numbered models

QFlow2 AC – NZ$825. The new entry level. I’d waxed lyrical about Keiths original gPower model here and even before that the first ‘Eichmann’ branded cable from over a decade before – these made a believer of both myself and many clients. Little did we know that this was only the start.

QFlow3 AC – NZ$1100. Looks the same as the QFlow2 but uses better internal cabling for a smoother and more revealing delivery. The earlier gPower3 underwent several unpublicised upgrades over it’s life and the QFlow3 took these and some of the goodness from the first Purity level cable so set a new standard at this price.

QFlow7 AC – NZ$2200. This cable was designed as the direct replacement for the original Purity cable mentioned above that was Keith’s first foray into the serious high end of mains cables, opened my ears and made me think hard about the concepts of relative performance and value in audio systems. I wrote a lot about it here.

At that time I struggled to think we could get much better but then the QPurity detailed below turned up and it was all over. Because of the obvious and rather glaring performance gap Keith went back to the earlier cable and made significant revisions to the materials and internal architecture to bring it up to a level that both offered a worthwhile improvement over the QFlow3 and a taste of the flagship model. These have become my ‘go-to’ cable for any worthwhile system.

QPurity ‘Triple Infinity’ AC – NZ$3400. The newest and by far the best mains cable I’ve ever heard from Keith or anyone else for that matter. Immediately better than the previous benchmark set by the ZPurity8, this cable has become an indispensable part of our best systems. The scale of the improvement made by the insertion of this cable into any quality system is remarkable – often greater than anything you could achieve by changing components which often requires much greater outlay. And even within the eco-system of Keith’s various interconnects and speaker cables, the AC cable stands out as offering the greatest return regardless of price.

KLEI QPurity

‘I then next evening put on the Qflow 2 power cable and the difference was immediately noticeable. So much more fullness of sound, clarity, even a bit more volume than before. There was an improved transparency and detail. It felt like the Hegel H95 amp was suddenly able to fully express itself. It was like a dog on the beach suddenly being let off its leash and running around with joy at its newfound freedom. The music was more engaging and the dynamic range of the amp, especially with percussion and acoustic bass in jazz recordings, was more noticeable and entertaining.

Then a day later I put on the Qflow 3 and all of the above was built on slightly, but what was very noticeable were the subtle things like presence and refinement. The soundstage was slightly wider but the vocalists and musicians seemed to be ‘in the room’ to a greater extent so everything played was more engaging and lifelike in its presentation. Once again there was more detail revealed. I never would have thought that a power cord could make such a big improvement. Hamish.

KLEI Purity ac cable at Totally Wired

KLEI Purity AC mains cable 

Read our review of the KLEI Purity AC mains cable along with customer feedback. In home audio systems it’s clear that as a value for money case, this single power cable is directly comparable to, and often better than changing components. This cable takes us closer to the live experiences that we want to recreate.

KLEI gPower AC cable at Totally Wired

KLEI gPower2 AC cable

This cable will dramatically improve the performance of almost every system. If you have any audio component with a standard size detachable power cable, the new KLEI AC cable is for you. What the KLEI cable does is create a much more transparent performance from every system in which we have tried it – it’s like going from an entry level component to the high end in one remarkable jump. Discover how it works and read customer reviews.

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