Sonus faber

35 years ago Sonus faber was founded by Franco Serblin. His passion is ‘to model wood on waves of music, transforming the speaker into a musical instrument’. Hence the development of these extraordinarily beautiful speakers with sound that is captivating listeners all around the world. Sonus fabers standard of excellence is firmly rooted in old world craftsmanship. They manufacture articles of surpassing beauty employing highly technical processes, but remain dedicated to the understanding that man and his work will always remain the protagonist.

For write-ups on earlier models see our Sonus faber pages on our original website.

Omnia nz $3500

An all-in-one high end wireless speaker system by Sonus faber, a company that defines both luxury audio and the high end of loudspeaker design.

Sonus faber pull out the stops with their aesthetic; the Omnia is evocative of a James Bond lifestyle, curvaceous and sleek with a beautiful walnut top panel inlaid with a series of illuminated strips that also serve as control and display. Tonally, the Omnia is agile and alive in the same way as the Sonus faber’s new Lumina speakers. Both can really kick when you want, but never break into harshness. Give Omnia great signal via the likes of Tidal connect and it can really open out with a power and authority that is directly comparable with serious larger speakers.The dash panel of a high performance car, the deck of a bespoke Italian speedboat. We’ll explain all it does, how it sounds and why it is an expression of decades of refinement in sound reproduction.

Sonus faber Olympica Nova II

Upfront and personal – Let’s take a really close look at what makes this particular model of Sonus faber so special and learn about what it can do for you. The Olympica Nova collection is unashamedly luxurious in every aspect of both appearance and performance; a speaker system like this is very much a carefully considered investment, and having now lived with the Nova II for several months we’re in awe of how good they actually are.

Sonus faber Lumina I

The Lumina I is a speaker you can choose to buy with confidence. Sonus faber accurately articulate the story behind the Lumina range with their videos and site information and I’ve found the actual speakers deliver everything they suggest and more. Genuinely made in Italy in Sonus faber’s own Vincenza factory, the Lumina I’s take the best of their heritage and technology to give you a completely modern compact speaker that is engaging, exciting and enduring.

Sonus faber Lumina III loudspeakers

Sonus faber Lumina III

Life is full of surprises and the new Sonus faber Lumina III floor standing speaker system is one of the better ones. Having greatly enjoyed the much smaller shelf mount Lumina I it would have been easy to think of the taller version to be just an extension of this. But as you’ll discover, Sonus faber speakers are all about character and the Lumina III highlights this in some very exciting ways.

Sonus faber Minima Amator II

It’s always been a pleasure to be associated with Sonus faber, and even in the most worrying moments of 2020 they brought enjoyment into our lives through the new Minima Amator II speakers from their Heritage Collection. It took a while for us to put into words what these beatific speakers do. Here are our findings…

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