Sonus faber

Originally $5000 the pair (or $6000 for the walnut option) we have the last two pairs for $2700 and $3000 respectively. This looks even better when you see the most compact Sonetto floor stander – the III – will come in at $7000.

The Chameleon T is a wonderfully generous and smooth sounding speaker that, despite the large port – never sounds overly heavy. But it can still be a whole lot of fun – it’s the perfect model to introduce yourself to the Sonus faber magic with.

EnteThe new Electa Amator III – contact us for more information

Of all the Sonus faber models, these are the ones I want for myself – having experienced the earlier version, I’ve retained a clear memory of their unique sound. While two versions of the Cremona Auditor and the subsequent Olympica I have built upon this heritage, there is just something about this design with the larger bass driver and beautifully finished cabinet (yes – that’s Italian Carrara marble on the base and stands) that pulls at my heartstrings. These speakers will come in between the Olympica 1 and Guarneri Tradition. Expected NZ$ price is $18,000 the pair with stands included. Immerse yourself in Sonus faber’s own page here.

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