Sonus faber

Sonus faber Minima Amator II

It’s always been a pleasure to be associated with Sonus faber, and even in the most worrying moments of 2020 they brought enjoyment into our lives through the new Minima Amator II speakers from their Heritage Collection. It took a while for us to put into words what these beatific speakers do. Here are our findings…

Sonus faber Lumina I

The Lumina I is a speaker you can choose to buy with confidence. Sonus faber accurately articulate the story behind the Lumina range with their videos and site information and I’ve found the actual speakers deliver everything they suggest and more. Genuinely made in Italy in Sonus faber’s own Vincenza factory, the Lumina I’s take the best of their heritage and technology to give you a completely modern compact speaker that is engaging, exciting and enduring.

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