STAX Ear Speaker systems

Stax 700 headphones

Stax SR-L700Mk2 Earspeakers

NZ$2500 – Our personal review.

Stax SR-L700Mk2 Earspeakers

As the means to the end of enjoying the highest levels of fidelity Stax SR-L700Mk2 Earspeakers are hard to beat. As the name suggests, the Stax are far more than headphones and their design overcomes many of the issues of both conventional loudspeakers and headphones. While the ‘700’s may sit in the middle of the Stax range, they draw upon both elements in the flagship models and the long heritage of design that makes the brand unique to deliver remarkable value. The concept of personal listening is more relevant now than ever with the advent of high quality streaming giving you a whole new world of music to listen to. And at the same time analogue technology enjoys a renaissance driven by the competition. The Stax earspeakers allow you to enjoy the best of all worlds while being completely compatible with almost all existing systems.