NuPrime Omnia Stream Mini & Stream Mini DAC

Add functionality to your existing amplifier or DAC with Stream Mini NZ$500 or Stream Mini DAC NZ$600 from NuPrime’s Omnia range.

10 years down the track and NuPrime still seems to still be the new kids on the block in the age-old audio world. Right at the beginning of their career they showed extraordinary deftness in the digital arena effectively claiming that ground in the area of affordable hifi. They achieved this by putting sound quality as their first priority. Their recent Omnia range demonstrates not only how they’ve retained their early enthusiasm, but also their on-going resolve for creating cutting-edge audio.

We’ve been thrilled with the Omnia A-300SE ‘do-everything’ integrated streaming amplifier, but perhaps you already have a NuPrime amp that you’re happy with, or another variety. Perhaps you have a carefully chosen DAC – yet your don’t have the ability to access streaming services or bluetooth to your system. The Omnia Stream Mini or Stream Mini DAC can fulfill that role with pizzazz – noun: an attractive combination of vitality and glamour 😀

These diminutive (the Mini is just 90x55x20mm in size), components are the perfect accessory to your audio ensemble. These are multi-room streaming stations capable of Wi-Fi 24-bit/192kHz and Bluetooth streaming. With the NuPrime Omnia Stream Mini add streaming to a DAC, or an integrated amplifier that has digital inputs. The NuPrime Omnia Stream Mini DAC can go into most amplifiers, with analogue or digital inputs and also into good powered speakers. There’s a free App, and cables are included.

Rather than repeat them here NuPrime have the details on their site The Omnia Stream Mini or Stream Mini DAC. We can answer any of your questions –

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