Vifa 'Copenhagen' 'Reykjavik' and 'Stockholm' at Totally Wired

Vifa wireless speaker systems

Discover these divine, absolutely gorgeous looking, new bluetooth speakers. Vifa from Denmark make portable, wireless speakers with built-in environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries and innovative engineering for uncompromised sound. For 80 years Vifa developed and manufactured drivers for high-end loudspeakers. They now produce their own range of five premium compact music systems, which includes WiFi multi-room options for your home. Everything about the design is seductive, made for long life and the best possible sound. Our analysis will tell you more…

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To feel an affinity is a form of inner revelation. Aotearoa could be mapped onto Scandinavia. Powerful mountain ranges, pure rushing waters, deep fiords, open seas, fresh air, clear light, and wild weather. These are embedded in our our psyche and our lifestyle, with a Nordic romanticism.

You can imagine then a company in Denmark, developing audio as long as Vifa has (founded 1933), could not help but design a lifestyle audio range that has echoes of the natural environment. Vifa’s fame comes from manufacturing driver units for many high-end speaker brands, until 2014 when it made a transition into making its own wireless speakers. If ever there was an antithesis to the general perception of Hifi this is it. They are almost pre-industrial, earthy, not at all mechanical, and there is nothing plastic or synthetic about them. Yet the technology is absolutely cutting edge. Vifa speakers are made for you and your home.

Vifa 'Copenhagen' in Mountain Blue at Totally Wired
‘Copenhagen’ in Mountain Blue

Their new self-titled range consists of five playing systems. All are Bluetooth speakers.

Three come under the ‘portable’ banner and the other two ‘home.’ The ‘portable’ ones are stand-alone systems and the two larger ‘home’ speakers can also be multi-room/user/source-systems.

When we say wireless we mean exactly that. All but the largest in the range have a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery.

We find a litmus test for the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is, when people walk into Totally Wired, they can’t tell where the sound is coming from. In a room of high end stereo systems which one is making the music?

Advanced Sound Reproduction

Digital Signal Processing splits the sound production into the three channel amplifier, which then individually powers the woofer and two tweeters. Normal speakers require a ‘crossover’ between the amplifier and drive units. DSP means even the smallest of the range can produce much more sound from its size. Sound that is both full and detailed. This type of technology is found in some high-end loudspeakers. By keeping the signal within the digital domain the sound is more pure. This purity of sound which you’ll hear, is also aided by the amplifiers being ‘switched mode’ (Class-D), of the Digital Pure Path type. Unlike big, old style amplifiers this type of amplification is small and doesn’t generate heat.

Vifa’s audio engineering superiority is again exemplified with their Force Balanced Woofer system. This has the two woofers (speaker units), inside the enclosure placed back to back, rigidly fixed together and oriented to outbalance vibration. The strength of construction results in the strength of sound produced. Made from polycarbonate the enclosures are also inordinately strong. Woofers push air, so where does the air go? Below the woofers two back-to-back passive radiators take care of this. These are flat rigid cones mounted in a soft linear long-throw suspension, precisely designed to minimise mechanical impact on the enclosure and allow the woofers to work efficiently. Two full-range drivers on either side of the woofers, but in their own seperate enclosures, provide exacting control of the mid and upper-range notes. These are angled in such a way as to disperse sound no matter where you place your speaker.

‘aptX’ is an addition to the standard Bluetooth coding. It transfers audio at a higher bit rate and uses a better compression method resulting in a more smooth and crisp stream of sound. ‘NFC’ means ‘near field communication.’ Its a wireless chip that, if your device has it, allows it to connect to another NFC device simply by being within a few centimeters of each other. This means that when using Bluetooth, as would often be the case with the portable models, you have not only reliable and fast connection but also superb sound.

Vifa Stockholm in Anthracite Grey at Totally Wired
Vifa ‘Stockholm’ Home music system in Anthracite Grey.

Explore Copenhagen V.2 and Stockholm V.2 – Vifa®HOME

Multi-room, multi-user, multi-source. The ‘Copenhagen’ and ‘Stockholm’ speakers synthesise all the exceptional Vifa technology but with design specifically refined, and with higher level components befitting their larger size. Their purpose is to bring you the best musical experience that can be attained from a fully integrated, single unit music system.


With ‘Stockholm’ and ‘Copenhagen’ you can access your music sources through your: Wifi network, Bluetooth, Analogue cable connection, or plug-in USB stick. You can stream from your favourite internet sources, and Wifi Direct means you can still connect when outside of your network range – for instance outside.

Free app for Vifa HOME from Totally Wired
Vifa®HOME free app

Vifa®HOME supports Apple Airplay so you can wirelessly connect to your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to Apple TV, and also, DLNA –  Digital Living Network Alliance, which is a single protocol allowing DLNA-certified multimedia devices from different manufacturers to work together.

The newly introduced Vifa 2.0 versions have Bluetooth Qualcomm aptX 24bit High Definition Audio which produces better-then-CD sound. You’ll be astounded by the breadth and depth in the music you hear.

Vifa®PLAY, accessed by holding a front button, takes you instantly to your favourite radio stations. A brief press of this dual purpose button will mute, and toggle to resume.

With Vifa®LINK you can group any number of Vifa Home speakers to create a multi-room system.

The Vifa®HOME free app makes for easy operation of all functions and settings.

‘Stockholm 2.0’ NZ $2,700

The extraordinary ‘Stockholm’ is built with all the finest Vifa technology and componentry. Vifa has put their love of music into this design. The graceful ‘Stockholm’  reproduces any variety of music with authenticity, for both quiet moments and ones to excite the senses. Its prepossessing design with the incline top section and warm curves is beguiling to behold. ‘Stockholm’ can be placed or hung and is delightfully simple to use requiring no pre-setting. As Vifa says this is music system design future forward.

Vifa 'Stockholm' Home music system operation panel at Totally Wired
Vifa ‘Stockholm’ Home music system operation panel
  • Vifa®HOME multi-room
  • Vifa®PLAY favourite button
  • Vifa®LINK one-click speaker connection
  • Bluetooth aptX HD
  • WiFi direct
  • Apple AirPlay
  • Works with DLNA
  • DSP signal processing
  • Force balanced woofers
  • 6 channel full bridge amplifiers
  • 9.8 kg
  • Includes remote control. power cable, Auxiliary 3.5 cable and travel bag
  • Pebble Grey, Anthracite Grey and Mountain Blue finishes
  • Dimensions: 215 mm/1100 mm/100 mm

Due to its size Stockholm does need connection power so you are likely to set it up as a main audio system, although it is not difficult to move to another spot.

‘Copenhagen 2.0’ NZ $1,500

The award winning ‘Copenhagen’ can be conveniently carried around and run from its rechargeable battery. Its cabinet however, carries 2 tweeters, 2 midrange drivers and 2 woofers, along with 4 passive radiators that create room filling sound. The tweeters are angled back slightly for optimum performance – no matter where Copenhagen is placed. These highly specified components add up to supreme musical sound reproduction – comparable to a quality separate component system.

Vifa 'Copenhagen' Home music system in Pebble Grey at Totally Wired
Vifa ‘Copenhagen’ Home music system in Pebble Grey
  • Vifa®HOME multi-room
  • Vifa®PLAY favourite button
  • Vifa®LINK one-click speaker connection
  • Bluetooth Qualcomm aptX HD
  • Apple AirPlay
  • Works with DLNA
  • DSP signal processing
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Force balanced woofers
  • 6 channel full bridge amplifiers
  • 4.65 kg
  • Pebble Grey, Anthracite Grey and Mountain Blue finishes
  • Includes power cable, Auxiliary 3.5 cable and travel bag
  • Dimensions: 268 mm/362 mm/90 mm
Vifa portable speakers from Totally Wired
‘Reykjavik’ NZ$ 449 – ‘Helsinki’  NZ$ 850 – ‘Oslo’  NZ$ 1,000

The Vifa portable range begins with the Reykjavik

Primeval, yet at the height of modernity, the atavistic Reykjavik design evokes time-worn stones found at the head of mountainous streams. As with the whole range, Reykjavik is the antithesis of ordinary Hifi. This is a 21st century speaker. Pod-like and just 6.5cm high, Reykjavik is mobile so you can comfortably carry it with you or even hang it up. The vegetable tanned leather strap gives Reykjavik the look of just having landed. Made with robust materials Reykjavik will live a long life. It is pleasurable to handle with a rubberised base that rests safely on all surfaces. You’ll love the sensuousness of the indented buttons for operation by touch. Choose from two distinctive looks – the light grey version which has a top section of custom made Kvadrat textile, or the black, with a top of anodised aluminium. Vifa has paid attention to all the fine detail. On the black finish even the holes in the aluminium grill evoke geometric art as light captures design that delights the eye. The ‘pollop’ sounds from the on/off – mode button are nothing short of cute.

Reykjavik is no ‘me-too’ bluetooth speaker. This little gem of engineering will marvel you with its sound. Every element of its design serves purpose and we are not the only ones who understand this. Slinky Studio cast their critical eyes and ears over Raykjavik concluding, “We would definitely recommend the Reykjavik speaker to anyone looking for an ‘on-the-fly’ rich audio listening experience. The competition in this arena is fierce, and whilst this is no doubt a premium entry due to its design, that is exactly why it’s a good speaker choice if you want a 360º experience that no other design we’ve tested in this arena promotes at such a level.”

‘Reykjavik’ NZ $429 vifa_reykjavik_colours

  • Lavastone Anodised Aluminium or Sandstone Grey Kvadrat Textile finishes
  • Comes with a travel bag and USB cable
  • Bluetooth
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • .6 kg
  • 65mm high x 139mm in diameter
  • Digital Signal Processing

Neodymium is a rare earth element which enables Vifa to build small but powerful magnets for the drive units. So that despite its size Reykjavik does contain proper Hifi speakers. The specially designed single woofer produces both right and left channels. The fast and responsive soft-dome tweeters are positioned for stereo imagery and omni-directional sound – hence the rounded shape.

Combined, these advanced technologies produce a very high quality sound from a compact unit. So you can see that Vifa are maintaining the high standards that has built their reputation – even with the most affordable of their range.

Modern functionality

Reykjavik is inconspicuous and will be your intimate friend. The 360 degree sound it puts out permeates space without being a focal point. This also makes it ideal for outdoor or open air situations. A fully functional Speakerphone means you can take calls whether your phone is with you or inside the house. The three connection and playback options – Bluetooth, AUX 3.5 mini-jack and USB, give you flexibility in accessing sources. Vifa have carefully chosen the type of Lithium-ion batteries for power, long-life and eco-friendliness.

Experience Vifa, choose your style – Oslo or Helsinki

Vifa has taken their place in the design world by being winners in product design awards, including the prestigious ‘redot’  – in 2014 with Copenhagen, 2016 with ‘Helsinki’ and in 2017 with ‘Oslo.’

Vifa 'Helsinki' in Willow Green and Sandstone Grey at Totally Wired
Vifa portable ‘Helsinki’ in Willow Green and Sandstone Grey

Helsinki and Oslo are attractively tactile with soft curves, satin aluminium frames (one-piece diecast), and textured wool covers. The operational details are delightfully subtle and a pleasure to use. On the front right corner are three simple circles in a column. On the top a mode light quietly shines through the fabric. In very elegant styling that we’ve not seen on anything else, are two encircled arrows embroidered onto the fabric for volume up and down. The simple ‘vifa’ brand is stylishly stamped into place. That’s all you see.

At the back a small section within the covering is a soft-touch, multi-function on-off/mode button.There’s an AC connection for charging the battery or running from the power, and a 3.5 input for playing sources via cable.

‘Helsinki’  NZ $850 

There is clearly a touch of the feminine about Helsinki. If ever there was a couture piece of Hifi this is it. Dior-esque in its style, Helsinki is designed to be a long-lasting companion traveling through life, bringing your music with you. Included with Helsinki is a detachable luxury leather strap crafted by Swedish firm Tärnsjö Garveri – and like the Kvadrat wool fabric, that’s a story in itself. Highly refined, Helsinki is not only a joy to listen to but to a joy behold. As truly net say Helsinki’s ‘chic’ styling does not fit preconceived ideas of bluetooth, boom box speakers, and that its sound is “warmer, airier, and better-balanced.” Choose your own from the three available finishes. 

‘Helsinki’ by Vifa portable bluetooth speaker in Dusty Rose from Totally Wired
  • Willow Green, Dusty Rose and Sandstone Grey finishes
  • Strap: Chromefree environmentally friendly leather
  • 3.5mm mini jack cable included
  • Dimensions: 156 mm /210 mm/70 mm
  • Optional Long Strap NZ$90
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • NFC pairing
  • DSP signal processing
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Force balanced woofers
  • 1.4 kg

‘Oslo’  NZ $1,000

Oslo’s audio technology replicates that of Helsinki but with larger drivers optimised with purpose. Oslo is a way life and seen through the eyes of art director and magazine maker Mikal Strøm, is a city that inspires. ‘Oslo’ the speaker is perfectly proportioned, sensuously tactile yet reassuringly durable. Its music can fill a large room. You’ll be stunned at the deep sound that emanates from this speaker, belying its size. No matter where in the room you place it Oslo will always sound like music should. And it looks the part whatever the setting, and Oslo will always share your vibe. Lesley Shiprio from Sound&Vision agrees saying “I am…completely smitten with the Oslo… It’s uniquely stylish, massively overbuilt, and the sound is amazing. I am in love with the Oslo.”

'Oslo' by Vifa portable bluetooth speaker in Pebble Grey from Totally Wired
‘Oslo’ by Vifa portable bluetooth speaker in Pebble Grey
  • Pebble Grey, Anthracite Grey, Mountain Blue, Pine Green and Sand Yellow finishes
  • 3.5mm mini jack cable  and travel bag included
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • NFC pairing
  • DSP signal processing
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Force balanced woofers
  • 2.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 268 mm/181 mm/90 mm

The sensuous wool covers are especially designed by Kvadrat who are a high quality textile designer and manufacturer. Kvadrat are a multi-talented international company based in Denmark. Art and design are at the heart of this environmentally concerned organisation. They partner with a myriad of design companies on projects, as well as artists around the world.

Vifa 'Oslo' Sand Yellow, Mountain Blue and Pine Green at Totally Wired
‘Oslo’ Sand Yellow, Mountain Blue and Pine Green

“Kvadrat was a perfect partner for our new series of upscale loudspeakers. We had some extremely challenging specifications for the fabric covering our loudspeakers, in terms of both resistance and the ability to let sound pass through the threads. Kvadrat was up for the challenge and brought solid experience and the ability to think out of the box to the table. In terms of design, our two companies also share the same strive for high-end, Nordic quality. The end-result exceeded our expectations and we are more than satisfied with the collaboration” – Vifa.

Everything about the Vifa speakers call out to their premium description. Mostly especially their subtle design and obvious sound quality. The construction is, without a doubt, high end. They are reassuringly solid and stand with stability; yet are light enough to comfortably carry. Which Vifa is for you? Contact us for advice.

We are excited to have discovered the Vifa range which allows us to share with you a new up-market design. One that is technically more advanced than other Bluetooth speakers we’ve dealt with, resulting in overall better performance for you to enjoy. Order directly from our online shop.


You’ve now read our thoughts on Vifa. What do others think? “Vifa Copenhagen is a wireless speaker for people who do not only appreciate traditional hi-fi qualities such as pure, musical sound and acoustic pressure that fills the room but also live a connected life with digital content and streaming to portable units.” Link through to the reviews that Vifa have accumulated, or indulge in the imagery on Vifa’s Instagram.

'Reykjavik' by Vifa in black at Totally Wired
‘Reykjavik’ in black at Totally Wired