News October 2017

All about the new Monitor Audio Silver 6G 300 floorstanding speakers, the new Well Tempered Simplex turntable, your best choices in the Tivoli Radio range and wrap up of Cambridge’s latest disc players. 

Reviewing the new Monitor Audio speakers has crystallised my thinking on where we are heading. Given the quality of sound we are getting at home and the increasing number of people that are choosing to visit us, we’re going to build on this rather than returning to conventional retail. This allows us to do a better job for you. Why not take the 10 minute drive north of Dunedin to see what’s on offer?

In the meantime click here to find out everything you’d ever want to know about the Silver 6Gs.

Well Tempered Simplex 2DSC07267

Many things continue – we’re more focused on our better components and brands and have two complete systems – analogue and digital – set up in our home showroom with a variety of quality speakers on hand from both Monitor Audio and Sonus faber. On the connection front there is the full range of KLEI cables for you to hear in action.

The new Well Tempered Simplex 2 is set up next to both a new Versalex and our own Amadeus GT turntables – with a variety of cartridges from Nagaoka, Well Tempered and Dynavector, plus several phono stages we’ve got plenty of analogue options for you.

Click here to read more about the Simplex 2.

Tivoli – your best choices.tivoli_m3_bt_books

While the Tivoli Radios have retained their retro styling, the range has been continuously improved and broadened over the 15 years we’ve been representing them.

The latest models are by far the best sounding, are better finished and do more with Bluetooth featured across the range. Both Carolijn and myself have been been re-evaluating all the options and produced comprehensive reviews of each of the 4 models for you.

Reacquaint yourself with the best of Tivoli here.

Cambridge Disc Playerscambridge_cxc

Cambridge Audio have a very sharp new disc transport out – the CXUHD. This is the ultimate 4K machine combining state of the art high resolution video with no-compromise digital only outputs. Perfect for anyone with a quality AV amp or processor. By avoiding a needless double up of DACs, Cambridge again steal the march on Oppo delivering both higher performance and lower price.

This gives you four great options for disc players from Cambridge. The CXUHD, the CXU which gives analogue and music functionality, the CXC CD transport for use with digital amplifiers and DACs. And the impressive little CD-10 as a capable entry level or replacement player.

Read more here.

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