Monitor Audio Bronze 6G

The Bronze series Monitor Audio’s sixth generation give an astounding performance beyond their price points. This series is no mere revision but a complete redesign with Monitor Audio again setting the bar higher for home audio with an affordable range that will work brilliantly with your electronics whether for music or home theatre.

For over 40 years British speaker manufacturer Monitor Audio have relentlessly worked to perfect loudspeaker design that matches fine performance with specified budgets. If you aspire to have a real Hifi system the Bronze speaker range makes that wish obtainable. In the world of specialist audio where quality is everything Monitor Audio are in the enviable position of also having economies of scale. Developments made in their high end ranges filter down and all their products benefit from upmarket manufacturing processes.

Our stars of the range

Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 200 loudspeakers

As is our way we have looked at the range and picked what we consider to be the star performers. The second up in the range, the Bronze 6G 100 is the bookshelf speaker to beat from any manufacturer. More than a bookshelf speaker it is generously sized and owes much to the Silver range above it. This loudspeaker is a perennial favourite with our customers no matter which iteration – Monitor Audio has always delivered on this one. The Bronze 6G 100 continues this legacy as being one of our best selling speakers. It really is extraordinarily good for the money and well worth the extra over the Bronze 50. Saying that though the physically smaller 50s may be more suitable for your placement requirements and won’t let you down.

With these experiences in mind another model we have fastened upon from the new 6G range is the Bronze 200 Floor-standing loudspeaker. We love it’s domestically friendly size, and feel it to be a fantastic all round speaker that is ideal for many applications. On listening we heard sound that resembled the characteristics of the Studios in their precision alongside the gentle warmth and depth of a compact floor-standing cabinet.

The Bronze 6G range lends itself well to home theatre setups. To find out more the Monitor Audio Bronze 6G page gives no-nonsense information on each of the models in the range should you wish to research yourself or we are very happy to advise – simply drop us an E-mail.

Choose from walnut, black or white finish. prices include gst

Monitor Audio Bronze 6G loudspeaker range in
  • Bronze 50 Bookshelf or stand mount $700 pair
  • Bronze 100 Bookshelf or stand mount $850 pair
  • Bronze 200 Floor-standing $1,500 pair
  • Bronze 500 Floor-standing $2,100 pair
  • Bronze C150 centre $500 each
  • Bronze FX Surrround speakers $750 each
  • Bronze W10 200w Subwoofer $1,400 each

The Ins and Outs of the Bronze 6G loudspeakers

…on the outside

‘Made for you’ are the words Monitor Audio ascribe to this series. Justifiably so as there is a model for everyone and every need or desire. The proportions and engineering make room placement easy and the solidly constructed MDF cabinets in a choice of finish are sleek designs with understated elegance. The tactile outer coating is of such quality you would think it was real wood veneer. The satin front baffle is subtly contrasting and note that while attractive without their speakers grills they do come with them should you wish to use them. The quality of finish put others at this level to shame.

Monitor Audio’s ingenious ‘single bolt through driver technology ‘provides increased bracing strength, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling. Not a screw in sight! The hexagonal pattern grille over the tweeter is distinctive of the Monitor audio look. The floor-standing models come with steady out-rigger feet that are easily adjusted either for carpeted or hard floors.

…on the inside
Bronze 6G tweeter

Monitor Audio speakers are like a well-built house. Alongside the aforementioned single bolt through technology is extra bracing throughout the cabinet to reduce unwanted vibrations. Now comes the really exciting stuff. For the tweeter Monitor Audio has taken their signature Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium (C-CAM) Gold Dome Tweeter and made it better with what they call the new Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide – the outcome of highly detailed analysis. The result is a tweeter with more off-axis control, greater physical depth which gives better time-alignment, and increased radiation efficiency allowing a lower cross-over frequency. This is a big part of the precision in sound we’re hearing.

The Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium (C-CAM) material that the mid-bass driver cones are made from has a high resistance to bending stress thus maintaining their fidelity over a wide range. The cone also has a new geometry design for better control, and the outer ring with Damped Concentric Mode (DCM) technology provides more accurate time response. There’s some serious audio technology going on here! The overall driver deign has it’s heritage in the higher Silver series.

It’s fair to say the other elements don’t let the side down with high quality crossovers, Pureflow silver-plated oxygen-free copper internal cabling that ensure excellent signal flow, and Dual HiVe II ports give smoother airflow for tight bass response.

…for our ears?

What does all this mean to what we hear? The construction is not just for the purpose of being being pretty. The rigidity of the built loudspeaker means minimal disturbance caused by vibration. The highly engineered tweeters and drivers bring accuracy to the sound. In our listening to the Bronze 6G 200 floor-standing speakers we’re hearing what we can best describe as precision in sound. Musically they produce a very well balanced sound across the spectrum and are thus are comfortable on the ears. One of the stand-outs with them is the way the music can be heard in clarity and fullness no matter where you are in the room in relation to the speakers. So these speakers can live with you as opposed to you having to live around them.

Loudspeakers are a sum of their parts and Monitor Audio have become masters of creating ever-improved loudspeakers at several levels so you can enjoy the best possible at your budget, in fact dare we say, better. Their reputation is made on this aspect.

The thing for us is where these speakers sit in relation to other options available to you. Our two most recommended models are our picks of the range. The Bronze 6G 100 bookshelf is outstanding and has earned the awards given to them. The Bronze 6G 200 floor-stander is an absolute honey of a speaker with which you can’t go wrong. If you require a smaller in size bookshelf at this level look no further than the Bronze 6G 50. The Bronze 6G range would be fantastic to put a home theatre system together with suitable to your requirements.

If you are looking at a budget of more than the Bronze 200s lets consider your aspirations. The floor-standing 500s maybe ideal for you. Alternatively the Monitor Audio Studios or going to the Silver range may be more to your taste. Tell us what you’re after and we’ll suggest the best options based your particular system and wishes.

The award winning Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 100 loudspeakers


Home Cinema magazine: “Great about these British speakers that they not only let you focus on the singer, but that the extensive orchestra is also well represented. Rhythm is everything in soul music – or at least a lot – and the MA speakers convey that perfectly. Even those small details that often disappear into (or into) the background, such as a tambourine, are very present, while the thick texture of the reed instruments is also beautifully reflected. These are great performances.Here is the full article. “But the highlight for me was the speaker’s ability in integrating the high, mid and low frequency spectrums – there was just a sense of rightness in the way the Bronze 100 strings everything together.” Here is the full article.

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