“It was a nice touch to wrap the item for me and I appreciate the effort and give you guys the big thumbs up in the satisfaction department.”

“Thanks to you both. Your honest and knowledgeable service is greatly appreciated in the McGuinness household.”

“To say the KLEI interconnects are quite remarkable, is nothing short of fact. I was expecting an improvement of some sort, but was not quite prepared for the magnitude of what was to come! So thank you John, for your always sound & tested advice & guidance. Every comment & description you spoke of about these cables is spot on. Totally Stoked!”

“The Tivoli PAL ended up being my buy of the year. When the earthquake struck our power went out and you are brought to the startling reality that pretty much everything runs off electricity. No internet and no TV, no lights – nothing! That is except the PAL which had a built in fully charged battery. It was very comforting for us and the neighbours that came over to be sitting in candlelight but being able to tune into the news and trying to get a grip of what was happening around you.

“If I had one word to describe the effect of the KLEI interconnects and that one power cord, it would be lyrical! What a difference to the sound – it’s tighter, more defined and very, very clean. Everything is a lot smoother and it is very easy to pick out individual instruments and follow along. As for sound stage – a few speaker angle adjustments and then everything just opens up. I’m impressed!

“It (Tivoli Music System), arrived safe & sound yesterday. The sound re cd playing is fantastic with lots of depth for such a small, convenient piece. I can now ‘downsize’ my stereo system knowing that I will still have good quality sound. Thanks again for such rapid service.”

“Thank you for very good advice and service; I am more than happy with my recent purchases. It was very good that you advised me to get the Tivoli iPal and not the Model 1, as reception at our bach is very poor. All the rubbish stations come through fine, but National Radio struggles. With the iPal, however, we are sorted.”

“The NuPrime DAC-9  is a fantastic DAC! The Bluetooth streaming is so nice to listen (Thank you for providing me the Bluetooth device). The USB input sounds amazingly good! The voice and treble are beautiful with proper image and soundstage. It has enough detail and resolution, and very enjoyable.”


“They (Sonus faber Pryma headphones) have arrived and just perfect…) I was able to set the equaliser to flat and wow the sound..)  Many thanks for the great service.”

“Today we received our Tivoli radio, its fantastic, the quality is magnificent, the best reception ever for us in Queenstown. Thanks so much for prompt delivery.”