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Tivoli Audio Music System Home Gen 2

FM/AM,  Digital, WiFi, Bluetooth, Streaming – $1,795

21st century retro. The Tivoli Music System Home encapsulates a world of ways of accessing audio. And it does so in a truly human design. Design for function, design for home, design for rich embracing sound.  The Music System Home is for those who want to enjoy 21st century technology under their own terms. Tivoli Audio have you at heart.

After years of selling and having Tivoli radios and compact audio systems in our lives there are two things about Tivoli that hold true: the rich sound, and that they become your best friend – the most valued and enjoyed item in the home.  The new Music System Home fully follows this Tivoli Audio tradition.

Tivoli 'Home Gen 2' wifi music system@totallywired.nzTivoli Audio’s compact, all-in-one audio systems and radios are friendly devices. They’re there for you and for you to share. You can take them from room to room, sit them on your desk, beside your bed, on the sideboard by the dining room table. ‘Home’ lets you choose how you listen – broadcast radio (FM & AM), Bluetooth, WiFi, even talk to your voice assistant such as Alexa. Plus you can utilise wired connections. Stream audio from all AirPlay2 and Google Chromecast supported services such as Spotify®, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, TuneIn, and more. It doesn’t end there as the software can be updated when required. Other features include Alarm Clock and Sleep timer.

Everything you read about Tivoli will mention the rich sound. This is the legacy of the original designer Henry Kloss. The sound of ‘Home’ is especially so, deep and warm. This forms part of the full package of this affable audio system. It engenders a feeling of comfort, connection and safety. Odd words perhaps for describing a piece of hifi. Within this however, lies the heart of the hifi we at Totally Wired choose – audio systems for home. Audio systems for you.

Nostalgia and retro are other words used to describe Tivoli Audio products and again the design of ‘Home’ is so beautifully backwards looking in style – another part of the Tivoli and Henry Kloss history.  ‘Home’ is made with 21st century eco-friendly wisdom in mind. The housing is a furniture grade wood cabinet, and the four drivers that make up the speakers are hidden behind fabric from Danish design brand Gabriel® .

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For companies like Tivoli this combination of old and new is absolutely genuine, and with heart. It sets them apart from those copyists who use it as a gimmick for marketing. We want homes that we belong in, that we are safe in, with belongings that reflect human aesthetics and that allow us to be in control of lives. Tivoli understands people, understands how you want to live. The moment you unbox your Music System Home you’ll feel it belongs. A few more moments after following the Quick Start Manual and playing around you’ll appreciate Tivoli’s skill in putting a large amount of technology in a small package and making it accessible.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 22.2 x 40.6 x 16.5cm

You’ll set it down on it’s rubber feet, note it’s clear, blue-lit and sensitively subtle control screen, run your hand over the gently curved wood grain cabinet that is finished to a stain sheen, and over the wool speaker covers. You’ll feel how solid and dependable your new Tivoli Audio Music System Home is, and then you’ll let it wrap it’s warm, rich sound with deep deep bass, nuanced voices, clear mids and sparkling highs around you. You’ll be glad to be at home.

At least that’s how I found it. You can too 🙂


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