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The Essential Tivoli Radio

Welcome to the world of Tivoli Audio from Totally Wired. The most loved radio in New Zealand. On this page you’ll find easy ordering information, the range of Tivoli products, connect to our online shop and everything else there is to know about these great little radios. Table, portable, alarm clock radios & Bluetooth players. Original design by Henry Kloss, made by Tivoli Audio.

It’s easy to get Tivoli from Totally Wired

E-mail, or phone us your with order – 0800 909–101. For payment, bank transfer or credit card (we accept Visa and Mastercard), makes it easy. Or pop into our online shop where the most popular models are available.

Originally designed by audio legend Henry Kloss, the Tivoli radio range has been continually broadened and improved over the last 15 years. See our recommended models below and read all about them.

Tivoli Audio Model One radio in cherry silver from Totally Wired

Tivoli Model One Radio

The Tivoli Model One table radio – NZ$349; Model One with Bluetooth NZ$449

The original table radio. The Tivoli Model One – the true Henry Kloss design, is the culmination of years of audio development. It’s classic design, simple operation and superb sound has led it to become one of the world’s best selling audio products ever. Radio is an inextricable part of time at home (and often at work).The Tivoli Model One is a popular addition to New Zealand households.

Tivoli Audio PAL BT radio in satin white from Totally Wired

Tivoli PAL BT

The Tivoli PAL-BT portable AM/FM radio with BlueTooth – NZ$449

Your friend where ever you go. Are you looking for the best sounding and most reliable portable radio? The Tivoli PAL-BT is made for you. The newest and best version of the most popular model in the Tivoli range. Weather proof and robust with a long life and built-in rechargeable battery pack the PAL-BT looks as good as it sounds in 3 new finishes – satin white, gloss front red and black.

Tivoli Audio Model Three radio in walnut from Totally Wired

Tivoli Model 3 BT

The Tivoli Model 3-BT AM/FM Clock Radio with BlueTooth – NZ$599

Wake up to Tivoli. A design classic and the most desirable of all the Tivoli models. The new Tivoli Model 3-BT clock radio with Bluetooth is the latest and best version of this long running line.  Bluetooth enables easy wireless streaming from any smartphone or capable device allowing you to enjoy the top quality sound of the Model 3 even more.

Tivoli Audio Music System in walnut from Totally Wired

The Tivoli Music System BT

The Tivoli Music System NZ $1,495 including GST and delivery. 

Simple. Elegant. Affordable. The Tivoli Music System is an all-in-one design which succeeds in all aspects important for your enjoyment – performance and reliability, flexibility and ease of use, it is stylish and robust. Simple, elegant, affordable. Read on to find out more about why the Tivoli Music System could be just what you’re after.

Tivoli Music System Home @totallywired.nz

Tivoli Audio Music System Home

The Tivoli Audio Music System Home NZ $1,795, encapsulates a world of ways of accessing audio in our homes. And it does so in a truly human design. Design for function, design for home, design for rich embracing sound.  The Music System Home is for those who want to enjoy 21st century technology under their own terms. Tivoli Audio have you at heart.

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