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Tivoli Audio PAL BT

Portable FM/AM radio with BlueTooth – $499

Your friend where ever you go. Are you looking for the best sounding and most reliable portable radio? The Tivoli PAL-BT is made for you. The newest and best version of the most popular model in the Tivoli range is here now. Weather proof and robust with a long life and built-in rechargeable battery pack the PAL-BT looks as good as it sounds in five new finishes.

The original PAL was introduced in 2002 and has been continually improved – sound, reliability, finish, features and battery life. Yet even an early version PAL remains fully serviceable. The PAL BT draws on unmatched heritage and expertise to give you great sound, tuning ability and long life. 2021 sees a return to the original colour range including the happy yellow, but in a stunning satin finish that is durable finish and easy to keep clean. Match your mood and your decor with colour choices of pearl white, black, navy blue, deep red, and sunflower yellow.

Your PAL-BT can go anywhere with you. Great around the house and perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. Weather proof and easily cleaned so ideal for in the garden and robust enough for workshops and vehicles. The battery is good for around 2 weeks normal use and you can keep listening while it recharges. The finish is easily cleaned.

Our clients take PALs everywhere – down to the Mutton Bird Islands south of Bluff, all over Otago. Farmers listen to them in their tractors, teenagers adore them, sport fans take them to cricket to listen to the commentary while watching the game. The sound is so accurate we have PALs out there working as speakers in unusual applications – the Zoology Department of the University of Otago use them in the field to draw a response from endangered frogs! Everyone loves their PAL.

Tivoli PAL BT 2021 in yellow @totallywirednz
Tivoli PAL BT in yellow

And the PAL-BT is more than a friend when the going gets tough – being prepared for the unexpected is something on many peoples minds – earthquakes and weather events and power cuts aren’t something that only happen elsewhere and having a reliable, weatherproof radio that has both FM & AM, the ability to pick up distant stations and a long-life rechargeable battery should be well up on your list of essentials.

Of course just as I was writing this we had the biggest flood in many years and lost both power and access for several days – what could have been a miserable Saturday night was rescued by our original PAL radio that kept us up to date and entertained us with Radio One as we huddled beside the fire.

Note that the new PAL-BT battery is 9v. And it wouldn’t hurt to have a spare battery on hand either. Your PAL-BT is smart enough to tell you when the battery is getting short on charge as it starts to flash slowly, then more quickly as power diminishes so you have plenty of warning to recharge.

The PAL-BT is the best choice in the Tivoli range if you are in an area with weak radio signal or have interference issues – by working with the extendable telescopic aerial (FM) and changing the radio’s orientation and position (AM & FM) you can reduce noise and improve reception in a way that you can’t with the Model One. As long as you have some signal to work with the PAL-BT will hunt down the station and hold it. The geared rotary tuning dial allows you to carefully dial in a station without requiring excessively-steady hands.

Tivoli PAL BT 2021 in black and white Pyewacket cat @totallywirednz
Tivoli PAL BT in black and white

National 101 listeners will appreciate the clarity and tone of the PAL which makes voices more intelligible. Concert enthusiasts will love the richness of sound which comes from such a compact radio. Student radio can really rock – and if you go too far the PAL will not fall apart. Even better if you want to play the PAL-BT loud or in a room with someone else – the headphone output is really good. And you can even connect it to your full sized stereo system as it’s a better tuner than most full sized units.

Got an old iPod or player without Bluetooth? The PAL-BT also has an input for any other source.

PAL ‘Bluetooth’ Portable AM/FM Radio NZ$449. Dimensions mm: 158H x 95W x 98D. Includes rechargeable battery pack & 9v plug in power supply. Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White finishes.

“for audiophiles looking for a speaker that’s relatively affordable, long-lasting and still a category leader in terms of sound quality, this is a perfect device, especially as we head into beach, park and picnic season.”

“The cute PAL from legendary audio designer Henry Kloss offers arguably the finest sound and reception possible from a portable radio.”. – House & Garden, March 2003

“Tivoli Audio’s PAL…simply works so well and sounds so good.” – Alan Loftt, Sound & Vision, January 2001

“This unique carry-along AM/FM radio packs a lot of audio punch into a compact musical brick. Also striking is the pin-point-precise manual tuner – the PAL brings in stations better than any other portable on the market, effectively fending off noise and interference across the AM and FM bands.” – Steve Morgenstern, Cigar Aficionado, June 2003

“For a portable outdoor speaker, you want something rugged and loud with an epic battery life. The PAL lasts up to 16 hours and it’s 2.5” speaker provides the sound of a much larger one.” – GQ, June 2005

“Good friends are hard to come by, but radio lovers may want to get acquainted with Tivoli Audio’s PAL.” – Sound & Vision, October 2002

“The PAL radio designed by Henry Kloss is a portable alternative to his popular Model One.” – The New York Times, May 2005

Official replacement Battery Pack for PAL/iPAL® Radio.

All good things come to an end, even the rechargeable battery in your PAL® and iPAL® radios. If you find the playback time of your PAL/iPAL is noticeably reduced, it is probably time to invest in a replacement battery. Don’t worry, the process is simple, just two little screws, and your PAL radio will be just as good as the day you brought it home, and buying the PAL battery directly from us ensures you are getting the correct replacement for your PAL. The model MA-4 Battery is compatible and optimal for every PAL and iPAL ever made.

Pal replacement batteries NZ$75. And if you would like to return your old Pal radio battery to us we’ll dispose of it responsibly on your behalf.

Fix My PAL

Sometimes accidents happen – that’s why we carry a good range of Tivoli spare parts and we’ve got a lot of experience in fixing Tivolis. A broken aerial is easily replaced. If you have a new(ish) battery but your PAL still isn’t charging up, the power supply may well be the culprit. It is crucial to use the genuine Tivoli power supply as the wrong unit will kill the battery pack and possibly damage your Radio. Occassionally we find internal problems and more often than not these can be easily fixed.

Tivoli PAL aerial $28
Tivoli PAL Power supply $65

Tivoli PAL Battery pack $89

If the damage to your PAL is too great to economically fix, we have a great replacement offer – you’ll get 1/3 off the price of a replacement PAL – which means you get a shiny new PAL, including new battery and power supply.

Why buy from us?

Totally Wired are one of the longest standing Tivoli resellers anywhere – we know all the models, are avid radio listeners and enjoy them at home. So we’ll make sure you have all the information and get exactly the right model for your needs. And we’ll be there when you need help. All options are usually in stock so we can get your Tivoli straight to you and even giftwrap if it’s a present for someone.

We’re happy to have your enquiry or order by E mail

Or call us on 021 963 321 for the personal touch and if you’d like to use your credit card. Join our happy Tivoli PAL family!

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