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Tivoli Model 3 BT

AM/FM Clock Radio with BlueTooth – $649

Wake up to Tivoli. A design classic and the most desirable of all the Tivoli models. The new Tivoli Model 3-BT clock radio with Bluetooth is the latest and best version of this long running line.  Bluetooth enables easy wireless streaming from any smartphone or capable device allowing you to enjoy the top quality sound of the Model 3 even more.

Over it’s long lifespan, the Model 3 has been continuously improved so now sounds even clearer and picks up more stations. The beautiful walnut finished cabinet is more than just about looks – the Model 3-BT’s sound quality is directly attributable to it’s construction which is effectively that of a serious hifi speaker: a high specification driver enclosed in solid well damped cabinet with optimised porting.

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The combination of the legendary Henry Kloss designed analogue dial tuner and a subtly backlit analogue clock may appear retro but this is no affectation – the Model 3-BT is a thoroughly modern product with fantastic sound, class leading reception for both AM and FM. And now the addition of Bluetooth makes the best clock radio even better.

Like the Model One the 2020 versions have been re-engineered so that the woodwork has an even better finish, and the electronics have been improved to give greater precision to the tuning as well as taking the sonic performance even further. These up-dated models also have better power supplies that minimise interference and come in biodegradable, environmentally packaging. Also a useful addition to the new Model Three is an onboard USB port so you can charge your mobile phone – super convenient!

Shamelessly imitated, the genuine Model 3-BT has a far better finish, is more solid and sounds superior to any other clock radio.  You can see that the Model 3-BT has a large single, top mounted speaker which gives a better spread of sound than the front facing Model One speaker.

The analogue clock on the Model 3 BT is the defining visual feature – but it’s for more than just appearances – you have an easy to set alarm (just turn the bezel framing the clock face and press the button below). You have the option of either the radio coming on – or if not set to this the Model 3 will just beep. In both cases you can hit the snooze button on the top of the Model 3 BT if you’d rather not face the day immediately.

When you choose to wake up to the radio, your Model 3-BT smoothly ramps up the volume to the level you’d set it at the night before. Your morning should always start like this. At the other end of the day the sleep function allows you to happily drift off with music and have the radio (or BT source) switch off.

In terms of connections the Tivoli Model 3 BT has a more comprehensive array than many larger systems. With a fixed output for connection to a system, a volume controlled headphone and an auxiliary input for older iPods, CD players etc. Plus balance control, external aerial connections and the wireless BT connection you have a level of flexibility to match the performance.

The Model 3 has a dedicated 12v plug in power supply. The extra isolation afforded by this improves reception and reduces noise. It also allows you to enjoy the best Tivoli model in places where being off-grid is the only option. The battery backup for the clock ensures that regardless of the power supply.

“A choice for audiophiles who’ve a hankering for both the modern and the retro.” – Baltic Outlook magazine

“Bluetooth is what really makes it sing, though. Music sounds splendid.” – The Mail On Sunday

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