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Tivoli Audio Model One Radio

Model One – $399, with Bluetooth – $499, 20th Anniversary Limited Edition $549

The original table radio. The Tivoli Model One – the true Henry Kloss design, is the culmination of years of audio development. It’s classic design, simple operation and superb sound has led it to become one of the world’s best selling audio products ever. Radio is an inextricable part of time at home (and often at work),  Model One is a popular addition to New Zealand households.

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The 2020 versions have been re-engineered so that the woodwork has an even better finish, and the electronics have been improved to give greater precision to the tuning as well as taking the sonic performance even further. These up-dated models also have better power supplies that minimise interference and come in biodegradable, environmentally packaging.

Technological Genius

One of the endearing aspects of the ‘Henry Kloss’ Model One by Tivoli is the simplicity of design and ease of use that belies the complex technology which makes this such a high performing radio. Henry Kloss was known to design his audio products without constraints. Every aspect of the Model One is as good as it can be. A heavy magnet long throw 3 inch driver delivers sound beyond it’s size. The reception based on cell phone technology has the dial moving in very small increments so that it can grasp stations exceptionally well, even those closely spaced together. The tuning utilises high tech GaAs MES-FET technology. A tuning light helps you ‘fine tune’ the station you’re after. There is an internal aerial but it also comes with a telescopic external FM aerial. The contouring frequency circuit and tailored equalisation ensures a consistently warm, rich sound.


The Model One’s small footprint means you can happily fit it in a lot of places and it’s pretty easy to move around too. It just needs access to power. Being able to run off 12 volts makes it suitable for certain holiday applications and it also has a headphone jack. As with all Tivoli models a 3.5 input allows connection of any other source with easy switching between FM, AM and the auxiliary input.

New Oak/black finish 

Bluetooth Option

Choose the Model One BT to enjoy the convenience of wireless connection with your Bluetooth enabled digital device. This way you can have the best of all worlds – everyday radio broadcast as well as the freedom to listen to Spotify or other music streamers, internet radio, podcasts or your own music library. In rural areas where radio reception is limited internet radio may be your best solution.


Limited Edition

To celebrate their 20 anniversary Tivoli Audio has produced a limited-edition Model One BT in a high gloss lacquer coated walnut finish. Commemorating this special occasion atop the unit reads 20th Anniversary in mother-of-pearl inlay. The knobs and tuning dial have been crafted out of wood and coated in high gloss lacquer to match the radio’s cabinet.

The Tivoli Story

The Henry Kloss name is legendary in the audio world and he was pivotal to the American industry. The delight that the Model One brings into people’s lives stems from it’s beginning. In 2000 at the age of 71 Henry Kloss made the Model One in his retirement, doing something which he not only loved doing but was extremely skilled and talented at. A joy now shared with the thousands if not millions of Tivoli owners. Henry’s long time friend Tom DeVesto was so impressed he formed a company to sell the Model One and Tivoli Audio began.

We’re in this world together

More than just a radio the Tivoli Model One links us with past, present and future. Designed by Henry Kloss, who in 1960 designed the first high fidelity table radio which he called the Model 8, the Model One harkens back to a life more simple, childhood memories, history. It is present in our day to day life and informs us of what is to come. “The Model One is the culmination of more than 40 years of bringing music into people’s homes via products they tend to keep and enjoy”. – Henry Kloss.

The Tivoli Model One has a well earned place in audio development. Its classic design, simple operation and superb sound has led it to become one of the world’s best selling audio products ever. The furniture grade handmade wood cabinet not only gives the Model One a beautiful look, but provides an acoustically inert housing for quality sound. You can choose from a number of finishes to suit your individual style. “The reason the Model One reminds you of a time when products were made really well is because this product is made really well,” – Tom DeVesto, founder of Tivoli Audio.

For almost 100 years the world has been listening to radio. It has proved to be an enduring medium. Radio brings the world into our homes, it enlightens and delights us. So it seems fitting that Tivoli Audio, like many others today, are a company with collaboration around the globe. Tivoli Audio are an American company and Tom DeVesto has quite a pedigree in the audio world. ‘Tivoli’ is the name of an Italian town and DeVesto along with others in the company are delightful ‘Italian New Yorkers’. Which we can say having met Sergio, the marketing manager. Our New Zealand importer enjoys meeting with them regularly so New Zealand is well known to them. The intellectual property is absolutely American and Tivoli have their own production plant in China. Whilst desiring to make their products affordable to as many people as possible Tivoli are very stringent in their quality control. Tivoli come with a 12 month warranty. After nearly 20 years in New Zealand the longevity is proving excellent but should you need it serviced, support also excellent. By purchasing a Tivoli you can be assured of enjoying the genuine article. We live in the global community and radio brings us together in more ways than one.

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