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Tivoli Audio Model One Digital Gen2

FM radio with Streaming, Wifi & BlueTooth – $749

Streaming heaven. Is this the model for you? The classic style is elegant and compact yet the sound is strong and clear. This quality of sound comes from the Tivoli heritage. The design is minimalist yet the operation gives you a number of choices and flexibility including streaming. The digital operation builds upon that heritage of lateral thinking, high technology and no-compromise design.

It was in the year 2000 that the original Tivoli Model One was taken into hearts and homes the world over. Today it remains unrivalled as a table radio for broadcast listening. The introduction of the Bluetooth version opened up listening options by giving access to Bluetooth enabled sources – in most cases your smartphone. 17 years after Tivoli launched the Model One they developed a ‘re-imagined’ radio in the form of the ‘Model One Digital’. Now we have the ‘Generation 2 version.

Lets delve into this new radio. At the heart of the Model One Digital is the Tivoli heritage of full sound and timeless design. With the Model One Digital you can change stations or stream via the the multi-operational dial and digital navigation screen. You may also like to investigate the Tivoli Art app for further options.

This is what it does
  • FM tuner

  • Wi-Fi enabled for streaming

  • Airplay 2 and Google Chromecast built-in

  • Spotify® Connect

  • Bluetooth

  • Alarm clock

  • Remote Control included

  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Input

  • Easily connect to your home network

  • Connect multiple units of Art by Tivoli Audio speakers on a single network

+ Like to know more about the Tivoli ‘Art’ wireless systems and speakers? – drop us an email

This is how it looks
  • Available in Walnut, White, and Black wood

  • Fabric Speaker by Gabriel®

  • Brushed aluminium multi-operational dial

Dimensions : 11.5 x 22.2 x 14 cm

These are the things you can do with its streaming capabilities
  • Stream FM radio broadcast to the Model One Digital or wirelessly send it to other speakers from the ART collection

  • Stream CD quality audio from supported services such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, QQ and your personal library via your standard home Wi-Fi

  • Stream Bluetooth over Wi-Fi to additional ART collection speakers from the Model One Digital

This is how it sounds

Broadcast radio often involves speaking presenters. For this a warm sound helps enrich the reproduction of voice and makes for comfortable listening of music. This is the design focus of the original Model One and is why Tivoli’s are so well liked. All Tivoli radios and speakers incorporate good sized loudspeaker drivers, and ports to get a big sound from a compact unit. Combine that with a solidly constructed cabinet and no-compromise circuitry and you hear full and faithful sound. The Model One Digital has the same design principles but with a slightly different focus. The original Model One is known for its ‘warm, rich’ sound. By contrast, the Model One Digital is a touch sweeter with greater definition across the spectrum of sound. To put it simply the original M1 reminisces the sound of old tube radios whereas the M1Digital has sharper definition more suited to music streaming.

This is how it compares to the original Tivoli Model One

Both options are good choices. It comes down to the feature set. Are you mostly a broadcast radio listener with perhaps the ability to Bluetooth (= Model One); or would you mostly stream and like to use apps like Spotify, with perhaps the option of broadcast radio (=Model One Digital)? Plus there’s the differences between the visual design and operation – one or the other of which may appeal to you more. Whatever the case if you are going to live with a table radio in your home a Tivoli radio will be a joy to live with.

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